A Walk To Remember…down Hysteria Lane

Gert posted this post last night and when I read it this morning, I wept. Tears in my java. I can’t tell you how nice it is for me to read the peace and nostalgia in her words. I’ve been making my own peace with the hometown for awhile now…finding love and light in the corners of it. I told Gert that when I was looking for houses, that if I had any kind of reason, I would have bought back there, or in the surrounding small towns. For me, though, it would have been pointless. For her…it made perfect sense.

Her post is a lovely tribute to where we came from, and a beautiful statement of what a mother can give a child. Kudos, Gert. That post was just lovely.

It’s the first day for me and while we were all sleeping nicely thru the night, the boys decided around 6 to start running around full of morning crazies and then, apparently disgusted with my ability to sleep through it, Sambo decided to just bite thru the covers and into my ankle. Fucker. I’m UP!! I’m UP!!!

I let them out for about five minutes this morning. First time. But the morning is nice and calm and the dogs next door are still inside so I thought it would be ok. Kikimama and Stormy both came out and sniffed around. Sambo got two paws outside and decided, naah. not so much. Then I panicked and brought them back in. I know they miss the frontier and want them to be able to walk around out there and run and play…but a little at a time.

So that I don’t become a blogger who only talks about her cats, insuring that I will never date again, let me move on to other topics! This weekend is a full social one for me. . . and I’ll just bet you will never in a million years guess who I’m seeing in concert!

Yes. That’s right folks! It’s Bret Michaels from Poison and let’s not forget, star of tv’s Rock of Love!!!

i know. But MGirl and Mandrea were all hopped up and excited and I’ll be damned if I get left out of all those fun stories so I threw in my ticket money and jumped on board. That will be some fun. Right?
Saturday night is a YaYa Birthday, and then MGirl and myself have tickets to go see Randy Rogers at the Wormy Dog Saloon which is in Bricktown across from the ballpark. On top of all of that, it’s Bedlam Baseball that night, OU vs. OSU which is a HUGE event. LOTS of people and very very busy…But what the hell! I moved back to OKC to be close to my circle and social network so why spend it all at home?!?!?

I watched Less Than Zero last night for the first time in a decade. If you have never seen it, I urge you to do so. Robert Downey Jr is the epitome of brilliance. Haunting. It’s fun to look at the gaudiness that was the 80’s and sad to look at the gluttony that so many got caught up in…makes you never EVER EVER want to do drugs again, or to never ever EVER try anything more than a baby aspirin! Seriously. But the soundtrack was good and took me way back….good stuff.

So that’s it for me this morning. Need more coffee. Need to get organized for the day. Huzzuah and Happy Tuesday and I love George Clooney. “. . . ahhh Clooney. Clooney is like a Channel suit…never goes out of style”

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3 Responses to A Walk To Remember…down Hysteria Lane

  1. Kizz says:

    I re-watched LTZ last year I think and, wow, is it ever an amazing movie. RDJr is painfully wonderful in it, even though you can’t help but ask yourself if he was acting at all, given his personal relationship with substance abuse. Most of Brett Easton Ellis’ stuff I don’t love, it feels self-indulgent and over-stylized but this is his best work, surely and masterfully put on the screen. God, so good.

  2. Gertrude Jane Kennedy Ewing says:

    Thanks for that. Its all because of you and Joe really. The inspiration behind my plan… she needs that. Deserves that.

  3. Gertrude Jane Kennedy Ewing says:

    PS I am a huge fan of Less than…James, Robert! AGH.

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