Wet Wednesday

Rain rain rain rain here today. Have I told you guys that there is a little bunny that lives at my house? Yep. Lil brown cottontail. I think he lives in the monstrosity that is growing in my front yard, and when we cut it down we’ll have to find a new home for him but till then….very quaint. me in my lounging around clothes and a cup of coffee on the porch watching the rain and the bunny in the yard. Where the hell is Norman Rockwell when you need him, eh?

Dad came by last night and brought me a bigger tv! GOD, I love tv. bigger the better. Someday when I’m a real grownup I’m having a flat panel and surround sound. May blow my house up with it, but whatever. I’m very testosteron-y in that aspect. We went to dinner and celebrated Sies de Mayo and then I came home and unpacked some stuff. Worked on the kitchen a bit today…getting there.

Talked to Gert last night for a long time. Isn’t it amazing what a good chat will do for the soul? I feel better that she feels better about the whole house thing. Hers is amazing. I cannot wait for her to get her stuff in there and stamp it as her own. Joe is already moving into his new pad, ready-ing it for the lovely ladies! Anyway, I worked out the crazy voices that i mentioned I needed to write about. Feel tons better and back on the path. i was just in a place…and couldn’t seem to shake it off yesterday at work till I got a silly little text from Spence. Isn’t life good and the world a fantastic place that gives you what you need when you need it?

Mother’s Day is this weekend. . . All of mine are out of state for the day, so I’ll be sending and calling. Mom is coming for about a week at the end of the month so we’ll celebrate then. What are you kids doing for the fabulous women who birthed ya?

Happy Humping Day everyone. If you can’t hump the one you love…hump the one you’re with. . . or him:
or him:
or him:
or him:
or him:
or him:

and I’ll be having him:


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2 Responses to Wet Wednesday

  1. Kizz says:

    May I please come back for seconds?

  2. Gertrude Jane Kennedy Ewing says:

    George’s birthday was yesterday.
    I am sure you were to busy to come up for air and that the present he recieved from you was fabulous!
    Happy birthday Georgie boy from all the girls!

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