Hail Hail The Gang’s All Here

Twas a crazy weather day here in the Bible Belt. Rained all damned day long, then aww shucks, since that wasn’t enought let’s do a hundred mile an hour winds and throw in a freakin tornado or two! We had to evacuate the salon, clients with hair in process included and go downstairs to the underground garage…that’s OPEN ON ONE SIDE!! We saw a nice big transformer go KABOOM!!! Fireworks cool. I called/texted/got in touch with everyone and made sure they were safe. Some were even napping for the love of Petey Fisk.

After it was over, my last two clients called and said “uhhhhh no no and hell no” and hopefully rescheduled. I was going to leave but another girl was running behind due to the interruptions so I took her client who was waiting. Turns out, was my dentist from the hometown! Ha! Serendipity.

I went to the frontier to pick up my kids. They are all home. The cat gymboree is here, the scratchin’ post is here, food is set out, the litter boxes are out. We aren’t trying the cat door into the garage just yet. Will work our way into that. Right now the black men are hanging out working on some string and a wine cork and possibly an orange peeler. KikiMama is somewhere flipping me off. I could die in my sleep…and I’m pretty sure when I come home tomorrow…something will be wrong. I hope they get used to it. But for now, we’re all breathing in the same space.

Hey all…have a great night. Hope your Humpday was humpalicious and that tomorrow brings you one more day of bliss.

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