ten things tuesday

Is it really ten things tuesday and I’m really participating? Looks to be…list a list a lissssssssst…let’s just work on a to do list. Seriously

10. work on bedroom, unpacking and hanging clothes and moving bookshelf into office.
9. once bookshelf is in office, unpack more books.
8. buy sturdy garage shelves for bukly kitchen gadgets and set up in garage. unpack rest of kitchen.
7. organize and clean kitchen
6. guest room. all of the above. set mirror up on dresser and put futon together.
5. put weed and feed on front and back yard.
4. get the rest of my plants from the frontier this weekend.
3. get mind back in the ww game and go weigh in this week even though I KNOW I’ve gained.
2. figure out why my washing machine water temperature is jacked up and get that fixed.
1. bring my babies home!!!

There is a lot to do, but really I think I can knock a lot of it out tonight and tomorrow morning. Dad is coming into town tonight to bring me my tv and to go to dinner. The most major things this week are my bedroom and brining over my kitties. I dread that transition. I hate the thought of taking them away from the lush fabulous frontier and sticking them in a little house. I hate the thought of taking them away from their playmates. I miss them though. Am I getting worked up over nothing? we’ll see. Meanwhile, I’m off to the showers, Huzzuah and Happy Tuesday and I love George Clooney.

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3 Responses to ten things tuesday

  1. Kizz says:

    I don’t think it’s bad for you to bring them to your homefront. They’ll still have each other to play with and it’s more important that they’re with you.

  2. Joe Banks from Cincinnati says:

    How is that shower, by the way?

  3. Zelda says:

    I’m ready for them to be here. I miss them terribly. and joe, the shower rocks more than cleveland!

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