gottanothergnome day.

I think Monday’s are just doomed to be my not doing so much day. I had high hopes. . . . and got a few things done. Went to Biglots and spent my gift from B and Scottyringo…got me another gnome. Two gnomes as a matter of fact…they are either playing leapfrog or are of the homosexual variety of gnome, I’m not sure with. I love them. And I got some lights for my gazebo thingy, when we get that put up. I went to eat lunch with Smurf and he came over to see the casa. Laid on the couch and watched the last ep of Freaks and Geeks. I am SO SAD that that damned show was only one season. I think I need to buy it. It’s fabulous. I napped. I put in Superbad and half assed watched. I got up and went to the frame shop and took my Picasso that I’ve been lugging around and thumb tacking on every wall I’ve lived between since 1997…it’s going to actually cost out of my pocket about 123.00 but total cost was 223.00 GULP. Holy crap it’s expensive. And I went the cheap route, my first quote was over three hundred….bleagh. But I had a 100 dollar gift card that I spent on it so I don’t feel so bad. It’s beautiful and GOES perfectly with my house.

Then I cruised to the hometown and spent a bit visiting Hysteria Lane with Gert in her new abode. OH MY GOD!!! It’s bigger than the Blue Banana!! Gorgeous. You guys, she has an amazing house that she will transform into an even more amazing home for her and Noodle. I’m SO. PROUD. OF. HER. She has set her sight on this and marched straight on till morning, veering left and veering right, thru whatever obstical that tried to derail her and got what she wanted. I want for her to have some peace and to get settled. It’s done wonders for my mind. She moves on Saturday. Ahhhhhhhh. Life.

Stopped off at the Frontier to say hi and love on Bonusmom and my kids. I miss them terribly. May try to get them on Wednesday. I picked up some of my odds and ends and brought home some of my yard art and plants. Will go get the rest of them on the weekend…I miss it out there. I miss it to my bones. As much as I love it in my home, I miss it there. It’s hard.

Came home, hit the grocery for some laundry soap, did my inaugural loads of laundry. The washer is fucked up temp wise so will have to get that looked at. Seems to do everything on warm to hot, which will not do but at least I have some clean clothes. It was No Pantie Sunday as it always is, but it was almost No Pantie Monday and Tuesday!!!

what else is going on…I have some stuff that I need to write about but am choosing not to at this point because it’s a little confusing in my head, and I don’t want to hurt feelings and until I can get my head wrapped around what is bothering me it needs to stay where it is. I usually dont edit here. At all. It’s against all that this means, this space means to me. But this is different. I’ll figure it out eventually. No worries.

I had a really nice peaceful quite night. I unloaded some stuff, putzed around then decided to grill hamburgers and some asparagus. I did and sat out at my table and read while I had dinner. It was al fresco and quite civilized! ha!! had to do something to balance out all the bubba that the weekend brought me!

Dad comes tomorrow to give me his big ass tv!! I love that. I love tv and I’m very excited about the big one. Will let you know how that goes. Meanwhile, send out some good money vibes. Last week was sooooo slow, with so many no=shows and cancellations that I need to really kick ass this week for a decent paycheck. I’m not going out at all this week. Saving saving saving.

Here’s to another week. Huzzuah and Happy Monday, ya’ll. I love ya. And I love him…

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  1. Gertrude Jane Kennedy Ewing says:

    Thanks so much.
    I do have some peace today.
    You’ve seen it. That makes it offically real.

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