Can you go home again???

The answer to that question my friends…is yes. Yes you can. for about five minutes then it’s go time.

Went back to the hometown yesterday to celebrate the 20th Burger Day! It was awesome! Saw about a million people I went to school with. None that I’d “dated” however! It was crazy how we’ve all grown up yet look exactly the same…kind of. There were many moments that I’d be talking to someone then it would ding in my head who they actually were! Stony rocked out on the streets, the music was great. Maegen and I decided next year…off work for the WHOLE day!

I was talking to this guy, he graduated a year ahead of me, most of the night. . . and quite frankly thought it was going well. I wanted to leave and come back into the city to meet my friends, but thought I should expand and get out of the box a little…the thing is you guys…I’m not that girl anymore. I’m not the girl who just stand at the side waiting for attention. I’m not the girl who just follows someone around han ging on every word, thinking if I stay long enough we might make out. Ha!! I’m just not that girl….

having said that I don’t really know what kind of girl I am…but I like her a lot more every day.

I’d like to put something out there…because you know saying it out loud makes it real.

I’m quitting smoking.

After the great breakup of 07, I started back again. Then I weaned off to only when I’m having a beer or at the bar. I never smoke, hardly ever, during the week. Friday at 5pm until Sunday Funday is over is my time…but I’ve got the patches, last night I had a drag off of two and that was it. It’s hard. And it sucks. And whatever. So this week, there have only been about 3, and it was at the bar and the bar was getting tumultuous and the patch fell off…but it’s better. I’m better.

I’m not that girl anymore either.

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4 Responses to Can you go home again???

  1. Dion Stover says:

    You always be my girl though! I am so proud of you. You have accomplished so much this year and you are an inspiration. I’ve been dealing with some boy issues and frankly am just worn clean smooth. I miss and love you and think of you often. XOXOXO

  2. Kizz says:

    You’re my girl too, no matter what’s between your lips. 🙂

    I couldn’t be prouder of you or love you more though I might just wish I had a little more of your zest in me.

  3. Kevin Tate's Dad says:

    I want a freaking coney from Johnnie’s so bad. Somebody get me one please for the love of God!

  4. Mom says:

    You will always be my girl, literally. Your Mom is sooo very proud of you and what you have accomplished…

    And I’m glad you are giving up the cigs since so many of your sister’s in laws are dying with lung cancer….

    I will always love you and am proud of the woman you have become.

    I love you so much and miss you greatly,

    Love you,

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