One more box…

Unpacking is something that, quite frankly, I’m not in a huge hurry to do. I picked up the living room area, organized some bills, signed up to online pay the mortgage, brought in a table from the shed and placed more knick knacks around…made a sandwich, watched some t.v….that’s pretty much it folks! I figure, I’m not leaving anytime soon, so things will happen when they happen. I’ll put up a few bits at a time and eventually it’s going to shape up!

OH MY GOD…I’ve just had a seizure…watching Run Fatboy Run as I type. good lord. funny stuff.

So, I will take pics and get some stuff posted soon…for reals.

what else? It’s been crazy in the lives of the group. Crazy is putting it mildly frankly. Seems as if everyone around me is ass deep in the crazy pool…but there are good things happening as well. Finally working on getting settled in. Wax lady at 9 tomorrow…yeoooooooowww! Next Saturday is Burger Day in the hometown, so that’s exciting!Gert is closing in on her house…Joe on his new place…things are changing at a breakneck speed…but we’re all holding on and breathing in and out on a daily basis.

I’m boring tonight. Just kind of meshing into the couch, GOD IT’S AWESOME, and resting up. I’ll have good stuff soon. . . oh here’s something. Sunday night at the bar, celebrating the move and Sunday Funday there was a fella “interested” in me. We flirt, he flirts back, I laugh, (head back, bwa ha ha ha!) then I find out he’s moving to Cleveland this week (flop) and as I flirt my way into a nice to have met you and good bye, my heel of my shiney silver shoe caught on my barstool and Down down down down i went, taking Seige’s friends beer with me, spattering it everywhere, on me, on Explodin’Imbodin(Seiges bff), on Mandrea….FLOP. Splat. Look up….the guy is nowhere in sight. he’s bailed. and FAST.

I laughed so hard I may or may not have wet my pants. Good times.

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3 Responses to One more box…

  1. ChromePlatedGirl says:

    Yeah, you’re cool.

  2. Kizz says:

    You specified silvery shoe and I thought were were going to get some sort of Cinderella story. Not so much, huh?

  3. Gertrude Jane Kennedy Ewing says:

    You and falling down. Its your birthday all over again at the Groovy Bar. And flop. Its always so funny!
    I love that you have exactly the same attitude as I have about the unpacking. It will happen… whenever. For now I will have a beer and a sandwich and watch funny shit on my cable tv!
    Run Fat Boy Run! So glad you finally got to see it. I love it and you!
    How’s the shower?

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