Another day, another deal under the table

So the cable guys are here. I am typing online in my “office” but stealing someone else’s internet as I don’t have all my wires here yet. Anyhoo…the guys about closed up shop thirty minutes ago and I said, ‘woah woah woah fellas! where ya going?’ They were working under a misconception that I only wanted one cable outlet in my house and that I wanted it in my DINING ROOM.

For the love of…

So they tell me yea we can do it but they will charge you twenty or so buck on your bill. Fine. Whatever. I want it the way I want it. So…then they say, we’ll just charge you ten bucks each (total of 30) and we won’t have to change the work order or anything blabadee blabadee bla.

halakleem! Vamanos! Vamanos! Let’s get this bitch wired!!!

I’m just happy as a clam in high tide, kids. just happy.

and in desperate need of a pedicure.

If you could see my feet, there would be no question as to why I’m single.

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