the house is painted.

I would have told you yesterday but I went to bed at 8:30 p.m.

it’s gorgeous. With a lot of help from my friends, Lynn, Mandrea, MGirl, Gert, Joe, Jclaire and James we got that mutha painted!!! worked Saturday night and got the hall, and back two bedrooms done. Ceilings too. I got Hideaway pizza for us and lots of beers. Seige was there to run errands and general manwhore duties. (we need more beer! we need paper towels!) Saturday Lynn, MGirl, Jclaire and James and myself knocked out the rest of the rooms and ceilings. We were so tired!!! Around 7ish, we cleaned ourselves up and headed to Sunday Funday for an adult beverage. Monday, I slept it off and then finished up second coats on the my bedroom, the red wall, and the blue walls. (OH meanwhile during this whole time it’s hotter than ASS. my a/c froze up…Marco the Great came out and fixed everything yesterday) I got all the paper pulled up from the floors, trash carried out…it looks like a real grown up house!! I will post pictures later.

Dad is bringing my washer/dryer today. Seige is finishing up the drain work in the garage. (i got to jackhammer a little this weekend too! ps…it’s hard.)things are coming together. This week is trying to get stuff organized enough to move this weekend. I’m frazzled.

I haven’t been good at communicating with any of you!! I go from talk talk talk post post post myspace myspace myspace to flatline. flop. I’m here. Im thinking about all of you and wanting to see you more! I’ll be back…eventually.

The cable and internet is being hooked up tomorrow morning at the casa!!! Halakaleem!!!

until then, i love you. i love george clooney.

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  1. Kizz says:

    Usually when we talk about jackhammering it’s in a totally different context.


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