I found me some!!

Furniture, that is! MGirl and I went on the hunt this evening after work…but first we dropped off at mi casa to check out the washer and dryer my dad dropped off. Seige was sweating his balls off busting up more concrete and working the drain issue. Good Seige. Anyways, the large appliances made me about as happy as a few small ones have in the past! Halakaleem!

So, off to do work hunting furniture. It’s green. Sage green. Microfiber of sorts…feels like one is laying on a cloud of Cool Whip. Sage green fluff. It’s a couch long enough for my legs, a love seat that fits MGirl, and a club chair and ottoman. I will forgo the lamps and tables to get the chair and ottoman. I guess I’ll go buy it tomorrow…

Tomorrow morning the cable/internet gets installed. Tomorrow night I think I’ll do some cleaning on the house. Thursday night cleaning and touch up painting/detail work on the paint. Friday is taken with previous plans. Saturday after work come to the frontier and tape up all the boxes in the barn, and start shoving all the shit from my room into my car. Empty drawers and shelves. Movers arrive Sunday at 2pm.

and by at least 7p.m. I shall be living in my house.

it’s been 8 months kids.

8 months since I left the house on Dublin in a fit of despair and defeat. I was shattered and unfocused and frazzled and really had no idea what the world held for me. I felt unloveable and ugly and fat and gross. I was disconnected, body, mind and spirit.

8 months.
and tomorrow I get cable. AND A GOSH DANGED DVR!!!!!

Ain’t that some shit?

guess who I love? yes. yes I do. him and only him. . . i’ve decided to not love anyone local anymore. No more crushes. No more flirty flirty. Either he doesn’t take it well, or I don’t do it well enough so I’m done with that. This, is the only man for me right now. This one right here.

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