Another Night in The Trenches

No, this isn’t strategically placed make-up under mine eyes…those would be shadows of the no sleep variety. I was on baby patrol again last night. Wonderboy was in his bed, so I was on the couch which was fine. Wonderbaby decided to be awake every hour and a half. Awake and either peeing or pooping on EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. Oy to the vey. Mom and Dad were both up which made me being up obselete and with nothing to do, I just watched.

have I mentioned, oy to the vey?

I just gave him a quick change of everything, diaper and clothing since he decided to pee all over his dad…what is it with you boys and your wee-wee’s? from the minute you come out you’re pointing and shooting on anything that gets in the way…except for ole Aunt Zelda! Me with the catlike reflexes….dry dry dry!

so today, after I drink my weight in coffee, we take the baby to his first doctors visit…and with mom, dad and mammo, I may skip out on that one. Then I pick up Wonderboy from school and he has to go have blood drawn….pretty sure I get stuck with that one. (can we drink vodka at the pediatrician’s office? anyone? anyone? just me? ok. fine with that.) Tonight I give haircuts to everyone but the baby and am on baby patrol yet again. Dad will take a handfull of sleep aid so he’ll be productive tomorrow.

At some point we go buy paint and stuff for casa de zelda. That will make me excited. Paint Party 08 is scheduled to begin next Saturday night and proceed until it’s finished! Halakaleem….Hala. Ka. Leem.

I’m pretty much just playing house with the kiddos this trip. I like it, frankly. last night I looked at the clock, during the second feeding after I’d been trying to be asleep for about an hour or two, and realized that I’d still be at Sunday Funday if I were at home! different worlds. totally different worlds…but I’m ok with that.

Huzzuah and Happy Monday to you regular folk.

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5 Responses to Another Night in The Trenches

  1. Kizz says:

    Don’t you get a kick out of living someone else’s life for a little while? I totally do.

  2. Zelda says:

    Yes yes yes. Amazing how I can conform and fit immediatly….crazy.

  3. Gertrude Jane Kennedy says:

    I don’t know if I will ever recover from the pick axes… he might be the most brilliant child on the planet to date.
    With all that talent and dry humor which he means at this age… to be completely serious and accepted as such. All the while the rest of us are peeing in our pants due to laughter.
    Put him on a stage!

  4. Kevin Tate's Dad says:

    As exhausting as doing this kind of thing is, I think most people don’t mind it. (too much) Babies are such beautiful things. With 5 year old Kevin and 6 month old grandson Ari, I have been vomited, peed, pooped and spit up on and had various other things done to me. Combine that with many a sleepless night because of a hungry or sick baby. Do you know what you have? Memories I wouldn’t trade for all the money in the world. Congratulations Zelda and to your family! After the last few years your family has had, they really deserve this. God bless you all!

  5. Zelda says:

    Thanks KTD! You put into words exactly what I feel! Wonder. Amazing. Precious. Tired. Sticky. Stinky. all of it wrapped into one!
    I need pics of you and your family, by the way!!

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