I Have Another New Boyfriend

Saw Leatherheads tonight with StickMan. We had a great time, considering I got us there an entire hour too early. I’m a dumbass. Oh well. We talked and laughed and got caught up. I ate mall food (yummmmmm, Charlies!) and then we got a bigass bag of corn and some bigass pops and became the youngest two viewers in the theatre!

Let me first say, the movie was long. And StickMan is right, probably no awards, but I heart heart heart it. I still dislike the blonde…would give an ovary to do the witty banter scenes she has with my boyfriend…to be on the other end of THOSE LOOKS!!! Smokey. Sultry. Sexy….sigh.

And on the other side is Mr. Lanky Deliciousness! Those eyes. That height….mmmmmm…tall lanky men. Gert recently reminded me of my previous penchant for the lanky. I have the first season of The Office netflixed so I’ll come late to that party here shortly(dirty!)…fuck around kids. He’s cute! and Funny. and can hold his own (dirty!again!see a pattern?) in scenes with George.

I’m going to go purr for awhile. Damn the fact that I’m on the Frontier. . . the Mother Of All Showerheads is at my house…..


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