I Have A New Boyfriend

I know we should probably still be talking about Wonderbaby, but I’ve already given all I got. I’ll have more after a visit and face time and millions of pictures to post. Therefore, I give you my new boyfriend.

Jason Segel.

Many of you already know and love him from How I Met Your Mother. I’ve watched that a bit, but without the dvr…no bueno. I fell for him though, in Freaks and Geeks. Then again in all the Apatow movies of late. He’s written and starring in the new one Forgetting Sarah Marshall and while doing the pr junket, gave an interview in Entertainment Weekly.

This interview made me fall into deep deep love. He is a funny, intelligent writer who has little problems being naked as well as loves the Muppets.

I love him.

Tonight, however, I’m making time for my George. Me and the Tall Texas cousin are seeing it before he goes back home from college this month. Anyone out there want to join us, please do so! It’ll be an early night for me. I have to meet my repair guy at about 8:30 in the morning at my house, then a full day of work (gonna make commission again! wahooo!) then leave from work to see Wonderbaby. . . which means packing and doing chores on the Frontier tonight.

I’ll be in touch. With posts and pic. Have just the best weekend everyone! Huzzuah and Happy Friday and I love George Clooney…(and Jason Segel!)am pretending that skinny blond bitch on the bike is MOI!

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  1. Kizz says:

    You can get the first 2 seasons of How I Met Your Mother (and save the third for when it comes out) on Netflix. I suggest you do it ASAP. He’s delightful.

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