Weekend Update

How’s your weekend thus far? It’s gorgeous here, in the 70’s today and tomorrow, which is fine by me! I have some projects for the house, tomorrow is big trash day so I’m hauling a bunch of crap out of the garage.

I saw Roger and Ma this week. They had to come up for some personal business and graciously brought me a truck full of stuff. Ma calls is something other than stuff, but I’ll take it! A little fridge, a rollaround thing with wire baskets for the kitchen, a little table (that was probably in every show I ever did at USAO) an atomic clock! Paint supplies and a little step stool. So generous!! Rog is coming back next week with more, maybe my table and chairs! We then went to Bellinni’s for dinner and talked and talked and talked and talked. Such a lovely evening!

Bonusmom gets in after 8 tonight from her trip to Aruba. Since Wonderbaby arrives on Wednesday, I’m assuming she’ll get here in time to unpack and jump in the car and head to Arkansas. talk about tired!!

I haven’t seen Leatherheads yet…I’m a bad girlfriend. I had to watch basketball yesterday though. Hung out with Seige and MGirl then headed home early. In the bed asleep by 11:30!! Felt SO GOOD to just be home and in the bed. My weeks are so hectic it seems lately. Today M’lynn and Babs will arrive with gloves and gumption to do work. MGirl possibly too. Tonight we’re having Sunday Funday and hanging out with a new fella in her life. Very excited!!! Life is full to the brim with goodness and mercy and great friends.

Have a happy Weekend!!!

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2 Responses to Weekend Update

  1. Kizz says:

    Bonusmom is a travelin’ fool this year, huh? She’s been all over creation for fun and profit.

    Glad you’re having fun in the new joint!

  2. Joe Banks from Cincinnati says:

    I read that Leatherheads got tackled by 21 this weekend! ~ 10 yards punalty-illegal use of pun~

    I’m gonna see it anyway. Lemme know when you’ve got a window, I’d love to see it witcha.

    And great big TANKS for the prize! Very cool. Can’t wait to wear it (in a non-kid environment, Squirt’s getting wise to some lingo these days)!

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