It’s A Comin’!

Is it just me….or is this sign freakin hysterical???? I think I horked up my coffee when I came across it! I post it because today is set to be one long ride into funkytown for us here. Spring weather galore! I think we in the metro area should be fine. Wet. But fine. Southern parts are set for some rockin’ and rollin’.

That’s all I’ve got. My boyfriend George Clooney was on Letterman last night and is gracing the Today show shortly. Gotta hit the showers before I miss him. DAMN that DVR that I lost!!! Hopefully with the new raise there is another in my near future!!!!

Halakaleem and Happy Thursday! If you feel like a big tornado is chasing you, apparently you are supposed to raise your arms in the air and run like hell! Hopefully you have a pair of arms like these to catch you!

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  1. Kizz says:

    Let’s be careful out there.

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