Houston, We Are Go For Launch!

Sis is scheduled to launch Wonderbaby next Wednesday, the 9th! Halakaleem!!!!! She went in for her appointment this morning, and we were hoping she had already started. She’s been having consistent contractions as of the past week or so…anyway, flop. Zilch. Nope. Nada. Nary a centi nor a meter. So, given that, it looks like she really won’t go earlier. April 9!!! Both Wonderkids will have odd number birthdays! That works for me.

Just glad to know. I won’t get to take off work and be there and frankly kids, that is breaking my heart. Breaking. My. Heart. I was there for Wonderboy. not the actual delivery and blooy gooey of it all, but THERE!! I wiped her hair during the sweatiness of the ickiness of it all. I held her hand and rubbed her back and massaged her arms. I am sad. Sigh. But life is what it is and she will be fine and dandy and I have a full book and will head out as soon as I’m done with my last one on Saturday. I blocked out a little early. She will be surrounded by all the ‘rents and Wonderboy will have Bonusmom (who returns from Aruba on Sunday) so it’ll be fine.

I just feel a little wonky.

I’m ready to get in my house. I’m ready to see my new nephew. I’m ready to just be.

Apparently I’m a little whiny too! So sorry.

Today was a good day. I found out some great news….I’m getting a promotion/raise! Level 4 here I come!! This means a few things. One, my prices go up five bucks. Men/two bucks. This will make it a little easier to reach higher commissions! It also means that I get flex-scheduling. I still am responsible for working at least 36 hours a week,(i usually work somewhere between 40 and 45 hours. On the books 45 hours but take an hour to weigh in every week.) however if I don’t have an appt until 10:30, I don’t have to come in until then. Or, say I have a full book, but finish early, I get to leave. I don’t have to stay until the “required” time. Halakaleem!!!! A little freedom!!! I’m happy about that! It goes into effect on May 16. Good stuff.

Finally got to gift Spence his birthday pressie. I was a shitty friend and didn’t get it ordered in time for his actual day (last Tuesday) and then we’ve been missing each other this week, so I tracked him down at dinner with two of the governor’s state troopers and crashed! I got him a few comedy dvd’s. Lewis Black and Eddie Izzard. SLURP. BOTH OF THEM SLURP!!! You have no idea how hard it was not to bust the cellophane off those babys and just soak up hours of funny ha ha’s!! (do you have a flag? ciao!) hahahahahahahahaha. I love that transvestite! I also threw in some impulse buys I had a Walgreen’s…candy, jr mints, yo-yo. I think he liked it.

Home now, to watch the ep of Law and Order I’ve ALREADY SEEN!!! but I just saw a commercial about my boyfriend Jesse L Martin leaving in three weeks. Those who watch, splain please. and tell me they aren’t going to kill him. Clemo, remember me you and Jason watching the last Jimmy Smitts ep of NYPD Blue? Fuck around that was brutal. So hopefully they won’t kill him.

I weigh in tomorrow…last week was down 1.4 and I don’t feel grand about tomorrow. Feeling a little less than grand. We’ll see. I’m so effing close to getting over the horrible number that it’s almost painful to see…Kizz is rocking out on her adventure. talk about living the dream! Inspiring!

Ok kids. I’m outta here. Have we even discussed that my boyfriend George Clooney’s new movie comes out on Friday night? I’m pretty sure I’m going. Possibly alone and that will be fine, but I am SOOOOO going to see it…then maybe to my house and some quality time with the new shower!!!

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3 Responses to Houston, We Are Go For Launch!

  1. Kizz says:

    I love that you’re getting to the flexibility level with your schedule. That’s the way it should be! Your own house, making your own hours, you’re the one living the dream my friend!

  2. Joe Banks from Cincinnati says:

    Haven’t heard how Det. Green is leaving (on the show), they rarely kill people off on L&O; they punch politicians or defy the DA or get divorced, transferred or put into witness protection.

    In the meantime, look forward to Mr. Martin as Marvin Gaye on the big screen.

  3. S. Lenox says:

    As I’m catching up on my cyberstalking, I thought I’d let you know that I LOVE my gifts.
    Wanna know something interesting? I was trying to yo-yo just today! And if you’re wondering, I suck.

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