Wish I May Wish I Might. . .

Happy Monday to you all. Hope yours was a good start to your week. Good weekends? Yes! Mine was packed, filled to the brim. Friday night me, MGirl and Mandrea did work at the Casa de Zelda. Felt good to get a bunch knocked out. I stayed at the house Saturday and Sunday nights…Love Love Love. so much with the love.

Saturday night was SPENCE NIGHT!!! He was mc’ing at the comedy club and about 11 of us gathered to go laugh and support. He was hysterical. Spot on with the funny ha ha’s. We talked for awhile after the show then home I went. I had no idea it was 1:30 a.m. when we left! Time flys.

Sunday morning got up and brunched it up with M’Lynn at Classen Grill. Holy crap the food was delicious!! De-lish-us. We then rolled all over OKC running errands and taking Seige back to his truck, and getting her stuff from Toys R Us, hauling stuff from her house to mine. She’s throwing me a housewarming party (at my house when I get in) and wants me to make wish lists, so we hit Target and I did one there and accidentally bought six pairs of shoes. I know. but we have new dress code at work and i needed some new stuff. six. good grief. i am a mess. Am also doing a wish list at walmart and perhaps linens and things/bed bath and beyond the freakin universe. Any other thoughts or ideas for me?

Sunday Funday wrapped up the weekend, I worked on the house a little today, painted a wicker table M’Lynn got me for the porch. Just tired. Tired.

Spring time in Oklahoma means weather. Thunderstorms and tornados and rotations and hail and holy crap we had all of it last night. I however, slept right through it! Ha!!

This week Rog and Ma are crossing the boarder so I get some face time with them! Bonusmom is leaving for her sister trip to Aruba tomorrow thru Sunday, so I’ll be on the frontier alone with the livestock…Oh get this. A client, not of mine, but another girls, has decided she wants to set me up with her brother. Huh. I said ok, whatever. made her my myspace friend so they could look at pictures. Pretty much figuring that to be the end of it, but whatever. He’s 29. That’s all I know. I’m open…would rather be asked out by another man…but methinks that this crush is just a crush and I should just give up any thoughts of it progressing to anything beyond friendship…so. I’m open. Maybe Client Brother will ask me out. One never knows.

Leatherheads starts Friday!! halakaleem. George. that makes me happy.

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2 Responses to Wish I May Wish I Might. . .

  1. Kizz says:

    Big love to Roger and Ma, please.

  2. Zelda says:

    Will do. He s/b emailing you regarding a lens. I sent him your info. look for it possibly in your junk mail if you have strong filters. xoxoxoxoxoxo

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