Another week. Lot’s of change. I tried to do a post this morning…flop and then out of time. Gert got a house! Gert got a house! Gert got a house! I’m so proud of her. Click your heels Dorothy….home is waiting!

I met with Dad this week and made a list of chores to get done and set a tentative schedule and work plan. He’s is going to come on the 9th and texture on the 9th and 10th. Dry for two days then begin painting. Now, all this is hinging on Sis’s launching of the Wonderbaby. It could be any day now. He’s turned head down, heartbeat is strong, he’s huge which is why she’s not feeling him move a lot, not much room to streach, so who knows. That will take at least one weekend out of the schedule. Either way, I’m moving one of the last two weekends of April. Furniture buying is in my near future. I have already painted the trim in the …have I already told you this?…huh. Oh well, the trim in the living room, dining room some hallway. I bought more supplies and MGirl, Mandrea and myself will commence to do work tomorrow night amidst cold beer and girl time.

Saturday night is SPENCE NIGHT!!! Going to the Loony Bin for some laughs. I’m so excited I could just wet myself right now. Details coming soon. Going to stay at the house this weekend to try to get some more working done.

Work has been good, busy. May make commission this time, so crossing fingers for that. Tomorrow is the first wax of the season. have decided to take the plunge, so to speak. That is never gonna feel good in process, but I have to say, the result is fabulous!

that’s it for me. I’m crossing my fingers that Trace Adkins wins celebrity apprentice. Gotta love a country boy.

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3 Responses to Friday!!!!!!!

  1. Kizz says:

    Do you use numbing cream before the waxing?

    Also, more pictures please!

  2. Zelda says:

    yes, am going to do before andafter pics…of the house not the whooha. and no. there is no numbing wax. usually a little baby powder some wax and BAM!
    I’ve done it before. lots of times. it is something that you never leave going,”that felt pretty good!” but I have to say, the results are worth it.

  3. Gertrude Jane Kennedy says:

    Always tough. Take a shot of Vodka and just do it. It does feel great. Now I am jealous.

    Wonderkid number two is in the lauching position!
    So exciting. Can’t wait.
    Everything is crossed and praying that this is the best birth ever for her.

    I love you. Hope to see you this weekend. Lots of work to be done, wish I could join you Friday.
    Sunday? Try again furniture?

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