First Night

Oh what a week. I need a vacation. Seriously. But that isn’t in the cards so I’ll quit whining and get over it. Still trying to get over the sinus/allergy/funk, but despite that I stayed in my house last night!!! First Night! Spent the afternoon with Gert and Mgirl. Had a lovely Sunday Funday. We tried to furniture shop, alas, God doesn’t like furniture on Easter Sunday. So we had to eat and drink instead!! It was a grand time. Even Seige joined us, him with his in love loveliness. It was nice. It was really freakin nice to drive all of five minutes to my house and flop for the night! it was Glorious!

What have I been up to? besides not posting this week? Work work work. It was spring break and we were slammed. Ya’ll, I did FIVE PERMS last week. The hell is that about? Crazy. This week is busy as well. Now, I’ll take it. I need the money. but I’m tired. I didn’t spend any time at the house during the week. March Madness started on Thursday, so me and my brackets (which has since been shot all to hell) were at the bar for a few hours thurs night watching ball, friday we went to Gert’s new job to hang out with her and I watched ball, Saturday I was back at the bar watching ball….yep. tired. Today I got up and started painting the trim work and doors. I did the front door, inside view, the living room dining room and some hall way. I came home around 4:30 and did laundry and tried to get my life in order for the upcoming week.

I watched Dan in Real Life somewhere during the week. Ehhh. not so much. I have no country for old men and martian child, but just too tired to freaking watch!!! Hope to get those worked in this week.

Dad arrives tomorrow. We are walking thru the house, buying more supplies if needed, and making work plans. I want to get everything textured first, then painted, then moving in. Sis, keep in mind, is due to launch the second kid at any given moment. So we’ll see how this all meshes. I’m picking the arbitrary date of May 1st for when my life begins. I’ll let you know.

Ok kids. I’m beat down. my bed is calling. I’ll be better at writing this week. Surely.

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4 Responses to First Night

  1. ChromePlatedGirl says:

    Silly girl.
    Your life has begun.

  2. Zelda says:

    SILLY girl indeed. love you. thanks for the reminder!

  3. Historiclemo says:

    A white page, or canvas.
    So many possibilities.

    Much love and friendly envy.

  4. Kizz says:

    Yeah, what Chrome said. And it’s not a white page either since you’ve gone and done all that painting right off the bat. Man, you do NOT wait around for nuthin’ or nobody do ya? Love that!

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