Here’s my list

Since yesterday consisted of doing absolutely NOTHING except laying in bed watching The Tudors, today is my get stuff done day.

Buy Wonderboy a birthday present. His birthday is tomorrow but going for the party on Friday.
Go to State and get B her flat iron
Work Out
Go to possibly Kohls or Target and look for some spring footwear that is work appropriate. (dresscode is soon to be enforced. Sans Flipflops. oh well. more flop that flip.)
Pay carpayment.
Buy car tag.
do laundry
grocery store for weekly provisions.

that’s about it for me. What’s on your plate today/this week?

One week from today is when I allegedly close on my house. HOLY SHIT!!

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3 Responses to Here’s my list

  1. Kizz says:

    Holy Escrow Batman! That’s quick.

    Today I have lines to memorize and script to write and job-work to do and dishes to wash and working out to do. Going to be a long day but a good one. Oh and I have to mail my mom’s b’day card ’cause her day is Wed.

  2. Zelda says:

    yeah, i guess it’s pretty quick. it seems like it’s taken forever and another day. i’m going to google around and see if i can find my color of paint samples to post. Have already done a few thigns on the list and decided not to do a few others until after payday. So now I don’t even have to go into the city. can just putz around town. AND i’m getting a massage at 1:30! Halakaleem!

  3. Gertrude Jane Kennedy says:

    Oh there is a great color site… I posted it a long time ago. Let me find that for you.
    Like a big Crayola box online!
    I am at the ready for the furniture store shopping.

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