Mad Skillz

So, I just finished looking at my cousin’s photo collection online. Shit the bed! he’s good!!! Go. Have a cookie lookie. I didn’t ask permission to post this link, but he’s got it posted on his myspace which isn’t private so I’m taking a chance. He’s effing brilliant. Kizz…you with your love…methinks you’ll especially enjoy.


can already envision prints in my new house.

ps…think weightless thoughts for me tomorrow. Lot’s of emotional eating last week. Bleagh.

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4 Responses to Mad Skillz

  1. Kizz says:

    FYI, your cousin has all the COOL cameras. I am pea green. LOVE the one of you and ?? with Grandma in your blink blink. Might need to have me a b&w version of the old school pick up truck one.

  2. Kevin Tate's Dad says:

    Excellent camera work. “Mad Skillz” indeed.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Kizz! I love the one titled OK-25! And yes, the pickup truck one too! WOW!! – Becky

  4. SnSkaggs says:

    My walls are covered in it. I need a bigger place.

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