With A Little Luck

I’ll be closing on my house March 17th!!! Did some more signing and re-signing with my realtor this afternoon. We are set to launch! I’m just crossing my fingers that the things being done on the house are being done correctly and everything is easy like Sunday morning from here on out.

Some numbnuts two houses down from me has a Ron Paul sign in their yard. WTF?!?!? great. of all the streets in the Village, I had to move next door to it’s idiot. flop.

I’ve been watching the election returns all evening. I tried to go workout. I did. But i got usurped for the last treadmill by a worker and her new client. When I went to get on an elliptical, the two left were broke down palace. again, WTF??? it was just what I needed to march my fat ass right out the door and head home. PFFFT. Not to worry, I’ll be there tomorrow, going the extra mile to make up for it. I did get grocery shopping done. Lots of fresh veggies, which I roasted for dinner and have now given me extraordinary gas. Got the cats fed and got some other tiddly stuff done here at the frontier. And by tiddly, I mean tootly.

Lot’s of good going on this week. Gert is getting good stuff from the Universe. she’s over in the booth at Hudson’s if you are wondering. I’m excited about closing. I am not excited, however, about not being able to vote today. No, no, I didn’t commit a fealony since this morning. The Village didn’t vote on it. Apparently one has to pay utilities in OKC and if one lives in another incorporated section of the city that is it’s own thing, one gets screwed out of a vote.

Oh. Hillary just got Ohio. Interesting. This thing is going to the mattresses. no doubt.

So anyway, still don’t know if the city voted for it or not. I’ll stay up for the highlights on the 10 o’clock news and maybe see.

that’s it for me. I’m off to find some tums or gas-x. Seriously. Boo Hiss on roasted veggies for dinner. Give me that effing cheeseburger.

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3 Responses to With A Little Luck

  1. Kizz says:

    I KNOW! The worst thing about the whole year of living weightlessly has been all the gas. I work in a tiny room with up to 3 other people, it’s torture!

  2. Zelda says:

    I mean COME ON!! eventually the body has to be used to the veggies and fiber by now, eh??? will we become those women who carry gas-x and tums around as if they were candy??? woe is us.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I tried to go vote two places last night.. dragging the kiddo with me all the while..NO GO for me either. I was very disappointed. But am glad it passed! Becky

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