Big League City!

My city, which is still on a diet, is also making strides toward becoming a real place to live. We have gained momentum with our Bricktown area, our event centers, with many things that are making OKC a better place to live. Today we’re having a vote. It’s to continue the one cent sales tax that we’ve had for umpteen years. One cent, continuing for 15 months OR 9 months. Why the difference you ask? Well…we want a basketball team.

We hosted the New Orleans Hornets for a few years after Katrina and this city exploded with support. Industry boomed. We loved it. and we want to do it again. Apparently we are close to getting the Seattle Sonics. I don’t have a lot of details and info on this deal, MGirl is the one who has that in her brain. But I know there is support for the team here. And we need this tax to pass to make the necessary improvements to our venue. If we don’t get the team, that’s where the 9 months comes in. If we do get the team it goes the full1 15. Which is fine fine fine and dandy like a hard candy Christmas to me. I’ll pay that one cent. I’m all over some Big League City!

I encourage you, wherever you are, whatever your stand to go vote. Texas and Ohio? You guys are in the hot seats today. Get up out of it and go VOTE!! If you’ve seen this blog, or read any of my posts or seen my myspace page you know which side of the fence I’m standing on. Again, I say, pick a side. Be proactive. Be engaged. Participate.

Some big league love going out to Gert today. Love and Light girl. Love and Light.

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  1. ChromePlatedGirl says:

    Remember Big League Chewing gum that came in a pouch and was shredded like chewing tobacco.
    That stuff was awesome!

    Love to Gert. (p.s. her blog is invite only again…hint gert hint hint)

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