Am better…in the thinking department. I swear, I’d like to print off that comment section and frame it and every time I get lonely or blue I can just read it. You guys are the most amazing set of people. I hope I am half, one-tenth as good to you. Truly.

Today I go in early and work until 4. Then on my list: make arrangements for flowers. take boots to get heel replaced. find funeral clothes. find sis’s shower gift for Sunday. clean out inside of car that is a disaster area. wash outside of car. home to prepare for the commotion.

we’ll get up early tomorrow and get ready and head down. I’m sure it’ll be interesting. I’m bringing the two ex wives and the grandchild. One can only hope Wonderboy has a cape and buffer powers strong enough to handle this one. Tomorrow night is family visitation. None of this I’m interested in. I don’t like sitting in the funeral home with the body and making chit chat with ole mrs. blabadebla from down the road and second farm to the left. sigh. Then the service is Friday at 10:30 at the FBC. Granite is a small small town but they’ve got some churches!! We will do all of that and hopefully the weather won’t be fridgid but oh well. Returning to the frontier Friday afternoon/evening.

I’ll make a huge vat of my black-eyed-pea salsa per Maegen’s request for her party Saturday night and get stuff lined out for sis’s shower on Sunday.

Had a conversation with my realtor yesterday. Looks like we can try to close on the house March 17th!! 4:00p.m. This is Wonderboy’s birthday weekend, but I would have been home by 4 on Monday anyway. March 17th, (while it is also one of my very fav holidays) is also Joe’s birthday and the day that MeeShell goes to the preggo doc for the first time. All good signs I do believe. I have picked out paint colors. That’s it thus far. Trying to focus on the pretty this week.

Thanks to you all. for the love for the light for the comments and support. Big Fat Love to you. xoxo

9io (that was Scrunch wanting to type to you all!)

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3 Responses to Better.

  1. Kizz says:

    It was my grandfather’s birthday, too. A pretty good day.

    I’m NEVER going to reach my weight goal by the time you close on your house! 🙂 I’ll be close but you’ll be closed. Yippee kai ay mother fucker!

    Those visitation things are heavy on the weird but they do sort of fly by.

  2. ChromePlatedGirl says:

    Tell Scrunch I said, “gh8c.”

  3. Gertrude Jane Kennedy says:

    Wonderboy will be a great buffer for everything!
    Glad he will be at your disposal.
    March 17th!
    Can’t wait.
    I have done the occassional drive by to say hi to your house.
    Can’t wait to have a night where we can sit around and drink wine and watch old eps of Murphy Brown!

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