Yesterday went well. The meet and greet of Dad’s affair/live-in/new “life partner” was pretty average. I mean, I’ve been here before. Time and time again. I know this road. She was pleasant. One would have to ask MGirl (who showed up with flags and swords and half of her face blue to braveheart me thru the meeting!) what she looked like. I really didn’t look. Mostly focused my eyes on the house, and Dad and my heat and air guy who was looking at the works. It was fine and pleasant and reeking with grace and dignity.
afterwards, MGirl and I headed right back to the box for bloody marys and some defragging.
He liked my house. Was looking at it extra critical, because that is what he does. I don’t think he loves it as much as I do but you know what? he doesn’t have to. and finally I’m grown up enough to not care. He gifted me a washer and dryer. which is HUGE. Now the entire tax refund can go to furnishings. and then I can use the tax incentive check to buy a new stove/range/microwave combo. I’m still scared of all the money stuff, but this is really getting exciting! Am going today to meet with Seige, who’s doing my plumbing (dirty!) work and get estimates from him, then going to get ideas about furniture and paint. It will be an exciting day.

Didn’t get to see my college friend this weekend. Too much house stuff. Next week is a bugger as well. Friday is dinner with purple pool plus two gal pals. Saturday I work and it’s MAEGENS 30 BIRTHDAY PARTY!! Oh my GOD, we’ve been counting down for this! Then Sunday, am giving my sis a baby shower at 3pm. they will be here for the weekend, and I’ll be otherwise unavailable and that sucks but it is what it is. Am back in Arkansas for Wonderboy’s bday on the 15th. Where the hell has February gone???

Other bad news regarding my Papa. Things are looking bleak. So will be making that trip possibly one day this week to see him for what could really be the last time. Deep breath. Awful stuff. Sand. head. insert. stay.

that’s it for me. I should talk about the awards last night, and all the dresses (all that RED!) and the winners and my boyfriend George, but by the end of the night i had a horrible headache, and fell asleep right after best actress. my heart just wasn’t in it this year. sigh. what has happened to me???

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  1. ChromePlatedGirl says:

    A very lack-luster Oscar year.
    I saw four of the five big ones, and that’s about it…had hardly seen any of the nominated performances. Boo. Dull show, too, I thought. I like Jon Stewart, but twas a little dull.
    Laura Linney looked great.
    That’s about all I have to say.

    Congratulations on your grace and dignity.

  2. Kizz says:

    John Stewart was funny and he was a good guy, giving the chick from Once her moment in the sun after the orchestra played her off.

    I’m glad things went with dad and the chick and your house. Sigh. You’re strong and smart and now your undies will be clean and dry too!

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