Pa pa died this afternoon. I was at Lowes looking at paint colors, about to head out to furniture gaze when Dad called. We are still at loose ends regarding arrangements. I think the service will probably be on Thursday. I think I’ll go to work tomorrow and try to move as many clients as we can. Then possibly work Wed morning and some afternoon then head down to Granite (two or so hour drive). Or possibly just stay here and drive down thursday morning for the service and stay that night. I think sis is planning on coming in wednesday and staying thru her shower on sunday.

A blessing.
He was so, sooooo done.

Did get to talk to my college friend again today. Sounded better. But had to tell him I wasn’t going to see him today, had to get more stuff done with the house, estimates and such, and then about ten minutes after I got off the phone with him Dad called. Timing.

So. There. I’ve sent out some texts telling people. If you read it here first, or got a text that’s fine. It’s crazy and wonky. I’m doing ok. Sad. But grateful. Dreading the impending week. But will get thru it.

love you all.

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  1. Kizz says:

    You know that scene in Say Anything where Diane talks about how she wishes that the good and the bad stuff in life would work out a schedule? You are living that scene. I wish you John Cusack (or the equivalent).

    Love you.

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