Some Things Sunday

Home from the night that was giddy up. Kids, let me just say, we may be long in the tooth, we may not wear slutty enough attire, and we may attract the funkiest fellas at the bar, but damn. we can still dance!.

Now. Let it be written that I will dance with ANYONE THAT ASKS. I think it’s hard, difficult, scary, for a man, to ask a woman to dance, so I ALWAYS, say yes. And quite frankly, the ones you don’t suspect, are often times the best dancers. . .


GOOD LORD!!! I danced with Keith from Mississippi. With Sonny from Alabama. and one would think that the southern boys could maybe, MAYBE just try a two step??????? Granted Sonny was about four hundred and thirty six years old, and Keith, right behind him. Both work for FEMA, here cleaning up the sticks from our ice storm. Fine fellas, bought many drinks. and as I’ve learned from M’Lynn, I say “thank you” and so be it. Actually several fellas bought drinks and we just said thank you. (this is difficult for me as I’m one who can always just pay for my own drinks) But we just said Thank You. done deal.

We made friends all over the place, Me, Gert, MGirl, and MKE. Such good times. We were hanging out at the community table with a few guys and towards the end of the night I danced with one. Cody. Cody, Wyoming. Cute, Sweet kid. couldn’t have been 22 years old. but G.D.!!! The man (after many a failed attempts at a dance) spun me and twirled me and DANCED with me. I swear to all that is holy, I was moist. George Clooney moist. it was that good. and bless his little heart, he didn’t know what he had tapped into…he had no idea the beast that he had unleashed. . . after it was over, and I had calmed down. . . well pretty sure I kissed him smoothe on the mouth (no tongue) . . . which is unfortunate because Gert was really having conversation with him and afer the kiss, he skedaddled far far away. Finaly. FINALLY!!!!! I can dance with them, but one kiss and KAPOW! gone for good. flop. ps, I stole a leg from a chair. brought it rigt home with me! I’m furnishing my house one piece at a time!

The worst part of my night was earlier…already told you that am gonig to the house tomorrow. Meeting Dad. Well, he called and asked if she could come too….I agreed. Bleagh. This is me being childish and petty. BUT. I’m trying to be adult wiht my father. and agreeing to meet the other woman, at MY HOUSE, with MY CAMP behind me….so be it. Am sure there is more to this tomorrow.

The brightest spot of my night…Spence sent me a text (he’s in our nation’s capital on official state business) saying that he had stolen the president’s toothbush for me!!! To which I replied, well that’s the first (and only) republican that will be in my mouth!!! I miss him. We don’t see each other every day, but we do communicate and I know he’s busy and dang.
What with the crazy that is tomorrow…just wish he was in the same zip code.

Academy Awards tomorrow. We all know who I’m voting for. . . seriously. If you haven’t seen MICHAEL CLAYTON….RUN. DON’T WALK.

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2 Responses to Some Things Sunday

  1. Kizz says:

    Just the leg? You couldn’t have gone with something more immediately useful, like the seat?

    About your dad, dude what an ass, that really sucks. You’ll do fine, you’re great at that kind of thing. Make sure there’s wine at home for when you’re done.

  2. Zelda says:

    A few weekends ago, was out Mgirl, Gert and Seige and took the wheel of his chair home in my shirt. Apparently I steal things. Apparently I steal bottoms off of chairs. or bar stools. go figure. think there’s a support group for that?

    i’m bringing the camp with me. mgirl, maybe gert and noodle. noodle is the ultimate buffer. then after, an escape and a drink and the awards. which, I’m not really excited about this year…at all. I’ve misplaced my personality this year and replaced it with one of a non caring chair theif!

    good grief.

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