Super Fat Tuesday

Recovering from the crazy wild weekend by doing absolutely nothing today. Laundry. Naps. Watched the Governor’s State of the State address. Looked at houses online. Thought about my vote tomorrow. I am closer to a decision. Not one hundred percent yet but closer. I want the one who can win. . .

Get out there tomorrow, brave the weather and make a choice.
Then we can celebrate Fat Tuesday with a big mess of crawfish!! Beads ya’ll!

Had a great Superbowl Sunday. Actually had a great weekend. Friday night with Dawn, B, ScottyRingo, Seige and Mgirl. Saturday night with Gert, Dawn, Seige and MGirl and Sunday with Seige, MGirl, Martha and SpencerforHire came at halftime. Halakaleem! It was a social weekend!! Exhausting, but fun!!

So that’s it for me. I have more to say about the voting and the super-ness of tomorrow but will probably just use that energy to figure out who I’m picking.

Huzzuah and Happy Monday.

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