It’s Superbowl Sunday folks. That in translation means FOOTBALL. Our last little crumb before we head on into March Madness.
Just hanging at Gert’s awhile this morning. Had a little sleepover last night. (not THAT kind) (sigh) after an evening of debauchery and laughter. Seige (he’s new to the blog. I haven’t talked about him yet, but kids, this man is hysterically awesome. he and I? Gert called us Mr. and Mrs. Smith. We get a little outta hand but frankly, it is fun and I like it and there. you will get to know more about him as time goes by. . . cue music) and I rocked and rolled all night long to the bewilderment of Gert and MGirl with the evening ending with a collapsed Seige, and me stealing the wheel off of his chair, carrying it out in my bra and laughing so hard a little pee might have come out.

Is this reading as scattered as it’s coming out of my brain.
Well then.

Here’s some really freaking great news:
I’m in a size smaller jeans.
Wearing them right now.
They are a tiny bit on the tight side, but I think they make my legs look ten feet long. I’m all over that. Feels good kids. Feels good.

I have to figure out how to take the video that SpencerforHire posted on my myspace page and paste it here. For some reason, one that I cannot remember due to last nights wheel theft incident, we got to talking Silence of the Lambs when he came in to get his hairs cut on Friday. At the same time we both started talking about the video….well I got home and he’d posted it and I od’d on watching it. Genius. I don’t really know what this says about my psyche, but it surely is fun!! maybe I can do it…

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