Point Eight or This Day Ate Me or I Worked Five Hours for THAT???

Point 8 today peeps! This brings it to a nice round total of 30 pounds lost. Or that dog up there. (party hat and cape not weighed) Sans Thirty. That’s me. It was freezing ass when I went today and almost slid into cars twice. Figuring the shaking and freaking out shook at least a hundredth of a pound off my arse. Bleagh. But I felt pretty good about that. Gave myself an Atta Girl. Halakaleem! I’m doing well with my goal to ditch another 30 by July 4th…talk about Independence Day!

The work day started as most snow days do. cancellations out the wazoo. Which sucks because this is the last day in the pay period and I was THIS CLOSE to making commission. I hadn’t checked it since Saturday but I knew going into this week that I needed EVERYTHING already booked to make it. Well, (say it with me) FLOP! Tuesday started with a text of a friend canceling and it just rolled right into the rest of the week, today being no different. I had one appointment at 4:30 when i left for weigh in.

shit the bed, I just touched my eyes with jallapeno laced fingertips from the black-eyed-pea salsa I made for tomorrows potluck!!!

I got a transfer client from another stylist. apparently she wasn’t going to have time to do the process in the time she was allotted so she gave her to me. Fine, I’m open, just sitting around reading a crappy crime novel so hooray! gotta live one!

This girl had thick thick hair. Ponytail as big as my fist. Long hair, to the middle of her back, way below her bra strap. long. She had about three to four inches of new growth that was pretty light. dishwater blonde we used to call it. The rest of her hair? box color BLACK. I have about as much love for that shit as I have for Deanne Holland. ha. So, ok. We make a plan. We have to color remove, then heavy highlight and then tint between to cover the funk that is left out of the packets. So I begin the color removal. I decide to soapcap with bleach and 30volume. Yeah. Hardly budged. So I used another lightener, with 40 volume. it budged a bit, then I added a specific color removal product on top of that. This was an hour of work and got her hair to a light to darkish brown and her roots were bright orange/blondish. So then, I do about a hundred highlight packets with bleach and 9 volume at the root so as not to fry it off, and bleach and 40 (that’s the highest/strongest) from midshaft(dirty!) to ends. then I had to go back and paint the brown on all of the leave outs only at the root.

I called my 4:30 and said come early so I could get this all worked out, she did and I got her color done in time to get the other girl in the shampoo bowl so her hair would not melt off. keep in mind, my 4:30 was processing and I still had to cut her hair. I took the packets out of the crazy hair and it HAD NOT LIFTED FOR SHIT. well, the roots were a beautiful clear platinum blond. midshaft to end was some sort of funky burnt sienna crap. great.
So now, we tone. Mix up a formula for the roots. leave that on for about 10-15 minutes. Mix up another formula and apply that midshaft to end and let tone for remaining 10 minutes. By now, I realize I won’t have time to cut my regular client’s hair so I have to give her away and pay the extra ten bucks to the girl who’s cutting because her prices are higher than mine.
fuck around.
We finally accomplish a uniform color in the highlights and now it’s time to cut. She’d mentioned earlier that she wanted to cut it maybe almost kind of to her shoulders. (eyeroll)Ok. Fine. We do that. But she decides to go a little shorter. TO her shoulders. Great. I do the cut, the hair is looking fine. I’m almost finished and she says, well…….I kind of want it shorter like that girls and points to a freaking chin length bob. So, I do a second hair cut.

I have said all that to this to say, if only she’d have cut that shit off first, we could have eliminated the color elimination process and just bleached the EFF out of that hair. I almost cried. CRIED!!! All of that work, that precision work for nothing.

I know this is a long post but wait, the payoff is coming

Bright side, she prebooked for five weeks (more bleach) and her cost took me over my goal commission into the 60% bracket.


that is what I say to that. This day ate me. But I have a nice glass(es)of wine and am going to myspace to oogle Spencerforhire’s pic of he and Bill. that would be Clinton. A few more glasses of this and I may…well. I may. I want to steal it and post it here so you can all oogle it. We’ll see how that works out. meanwhile, I have stained fingers, a ruined shirt and a big fat paycheck coming tomorrow. I love you. I’m heading to the bed with visions of a Redhead, Bill Clinton and George Clooney floating around in my bed.

I may be too exhausted to go to work tomorrow.

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3 Responses to Point Eight or This Day Ate Me or I Worked Five Hours for THAT???

  1. Kizz says:

    That right there is fate paying you back for doing the right thing. Woof. 60%, that is good, no? What’s the max commission you can get at this place?

  2. Zelda says:

    65%, so yeah, it is good. Am a happy!!! Now. If we could just parlay that into an every month thing, then I could buy my freakin house!!! Also not mentioned? It was apparently 1986 in the salon this pay period as I did not one, not two, but three perms.

    good grief!

  3. ChromePlatedGirl says:

    She’s ridiculous.

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