Happy Birthday Rog!!

It’s Roger’s birthday today. Halakaleem and Huzzah to you my dear friend!

I have to say, I’ve been mulling around a few ways to post this today, but have just settled on a big fat cyber party!

This man, has become so much more than a college director to me. He took me to NYC for the VERY FIRST TIME where I think i cried about every single day from sheer joy. We have been thru marriages, divorces, deaths together. Beginnings and endings galore. We have had so many laughter thru tears moments and some tears then laughter!!!

He is the most generous, giving, selfless man I know. His heart is bigger than Manhatten and nothing makes him happier than helping others. Always at the ready with maps, travel tips, advice, offerings to help with anything from moving to finding a house to move into!! Get an idea of what I’m talking about here? And this isn’t just to me or to people he knows! He’s put my friends to work,(Dionysas!) included my friends in tickets to the theatre (Kizz!) and made sure the gang of hairstylists all had proper information and maps for their first trip this past September!

Bottom line, kids, is this man deserves a Happy Birthday. You can leave any in my comments section so he can read them. If not for him, this journey I’m on, following this Bliss of mine, would be so much less. So much less.

I love you Roger. I truly do. You are my family, my heart, my friend. I wish you a year full of laughter and light. Now, go kiss Ma and you two have a great day full of joy. Cheers!!

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3 Responses to Happy Birthday Rog!!

  1. Kizz says:

    He is all that and more. Thank you Rog for all that you’ve given to me and for making sure that Zelda has everything she needs for a good life. When she’s happy it makes me happy.

    Happy happy birthday, all the happies in the world!

  2. ChromePlatedGirl says:

    Yes, Roger, happy happy birthday!

  3. Gertrude Jane Kennedy says:

    This is true all true.
    On the list of blessings Zelda counts…
    you are always included.

    She loves you and Ma so much!

    Happy Birthday!

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