A Fine Time

Clemo came to town yesterday and we got to spend a little quality time together last night over dinner. I’m amazed that after ten years, I’ve been blessed enough to see the man twice in 10 months!! He’s not in love with this job, but I’m digging it because it allows me face time with the man! We went to Zio’s where I ate ALL of my points plus yours and yours and yours. Had great conversation and laughter and a waltz down memory lane. he is the only one of the Michigan peeps that remember that stinky ass sugar beet factory down at the end of Eddy street and how horrible it smelled. Bleagh! will post a pic tonight. it’s taking too long to upload for whatever reason.

I’m off to workout extra hard since I weigh in tomorrow and have yet to work out since Friday. It’s going to snow here by the time i get off work tonight so am going to scrounge up some warm clothes to wear. Huzzuah and Happy Wednesday. Humping Day!!! Remember if you can’t hump the one you love, hump him.

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  1. Kizz says:

    I remember the factory, I just don’t remember the smell.

    Happy work out and happy weigh in!

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