Friday Night’s Allright for. . . Working out.

I resisted the Devil Woman, aka MGirl to join her for drinks last night AND tonight. Even thought there is something in my body that says “Friday??? DRINK!!?” I went to work out, making up for my slacking last night due to soreness and general whiney funk. Today kicked my ass at work which is good for the $$. Even better is that i didn’t have time to eat all the food for the day, so I got home with three extra points!

NACHOS!!!!!! (with lean meat, lf cheese, light sour cream, peppers and onions and light chips) SO FUCKING GOOD.

Do any of you other than Chrome, know my love for nachos? There was a time when we were in college and I was married to my first alcoholic that it was my supper for days and days on end.

Anyway, i digress. (nachos do that to me.)

I got my pedicure today. my feet needed it desperatly. so that was good. I was busy and got several new clients . That was good as well.
My first client was SpenserforHire. We all know how much I enjoy his visits. Tomorrow, he’s doing THIS. I’m going to see him aslong with a few other girls, Gert, MGirl, MeShell. If you are out and about in the thriving metropolis that is OKC, stop in and support!

As soon as we finish watching this ep of what Not To Wear, I’m doing Bonusmom’s hair then crashing. Big weekend ahead. I’ve been good all week long. I’m looking for some trouble to get into this weekend!!! Happy Happy and Huzzuah to you all.
ps..if you don’t know who the boys are in the previous post, I did a cheat sheet in the comments section.

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2 Responses to Friday Night’s Allright for. . . Working out.

  1. funandcute says:

    I can’t stop staring at those nachos!! I love them. Hudson’s are my most favorite!!! Weight Watchers is calling my name but I can’t hear it over the damn nachos!!!!

  2. Zelda says:

    get back on the horse darlin’ before we even blink it’lll be summertime and short clothes time!!! you can do it!!

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