Another Champagne with a side of Joshua Jackson, please!


It’s her day today. I don’t know what she has planned. I don’t know how she is feeling about turning 39. I do know that her pressie will be late as it’s been riding around in my front seat for a week. I do know that she won’t be surprised by this revelation.

I met Kizz in the fall of 98. We both worked for a touring theatre company based out of Saginaw, Michigan. She was one of the last ones to arrive and I remember my housemates and I, Clemo included, were in our living room watching Bull Durham when her car drove up. We all barrelled out of the house to welcome her, but really we succeeded in scaring the ever-loving-crap out of her. So much for first impressions.

we had many memorable nights together and it wasn’t until the middle to the end of tour that we really hit our stride, comparing life notes, both coming off of scarring relationship events. Both of us children of divorced parents. Both of us determined to live strong. (before Lance coined the phrase) there we were sitting on the curb of the street, laughing through tears and bonding like superglue. One of the best nights of my life.

Our Thanksgivings together, while there were only 3, are most memorable and usually include champagne, laughter and some form of potted meat. We like to add a little redneck to our high holidays. We also share a love for hot boys and somewhat silly tv. Vamp Patrol one night of the week, as we watched Buffy on the phone, was my favorite night.

Over the last year, she has done great, GREAT things for herself. She’s continues her Friday dance class, that I would have dropped after the first one! She lost weight and looks G.D. amazing! She helped guide a group of hair stylists around the city, going out of her way to take a few to and from their subway stops just so they could know how to get to class the next day, then jumped back on the train do haul it all the way back home. Generous. Gracious. Giving.

If you haven’t guessed, I love this woman. For those of you who have had the gift of her in your life, you know what I mean. For those of you that haven’t, I’m sad for that and will try to fix it at some point!! But for today, go on over and give her a big fat Happy Happy Birthday!

Here’s to a new year, sis. I wish you chocolate pudding, champagne and hot sex!

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4 Responses to Another Champagne with a side of Joshua Jackson, please!

  1. Kizz says:

    Oh man, nice choice on the JJ photo. I should have brought a spare pair of panties to the office.

    I love you right back. Thank you for this and everything you do for me.

  2. Zelda says:

    You are welcome a gillion times over. Have the best day honey. I love you.

  3. ChromePlatedGirl says:

    Happy Birthday Kizz!

  4. JRH says:

    Can it be my birthday too?

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