Shorter List

Since I slept the day away yesterday, literally, today is my haul ass around and get stuff done day. Laundry is pretty much done and the house is in order. I need a few groceries but that will be the last stop of the day. need to figure out new breakfast stuff for the WW plan. Suggestions ? I can’t remember good low point stuff!! I’m drawing a blank. Oatmeal, I think is going to be it.

Deposit $ in bank.
Post Office to mail package to mom, and if I can figure out how to wrap it, birthday package to Kizz. (TOMORROW IS THE DAY!!!)
also send back some netflix.
Doc apt at 11:30
Go by salon and get color to do Ex-Kid’s hair
SATC viewing party at Dre’s house as soon as I’m done with this.
Hit the gym for some workout time. This could possibly come after i do Ex-Kid’s hair since it’s 24/7.
Hair. I’m trepidatious about this. I am so excited to see her and hug her and talk to her about her life. She is starting her LAST SEMESTER of college. Grown up. I’ve been with her for a lot of major events in her life and this one is so cool. her last season of softball. ***add WATCH SOFTBALL GAMES to list***But I’m anxious. Tearing up just typing about all of this. gotta get a grip and be like Fonzie. Cool. . . . we’ll let you know how that goes.
I think I just decided to work out after hair. Good release.
Home with groceries to settle in and get the week started.

BonusMom is visiting my grandparents in Granite yesterday and today. I am going to take a trip to see them. Soon. This month or first of next. I feel guilty that I didn’t go with her, but this day was so full of plans I needed to do…***note to self. next yearly list add NO GUILT***

So that’s it for me. Hey Skillit, if you’re reading go check the comments from yesterday’s post. You are missed my heart. and not just by me.

I’m off to begin my day. Enjoy your Monday. Get up from where you are and stretch. That feels better. Pretend you’re on a beach, steel drums in the back ground, frothy drink being served by Pablo…nice. If you need me I’m over in the next cabana underneath George. Give us a heads up before you barge in.

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4 Responses to Shorter List

  1. Kizz says:

    Whoa, just WHOA. You found a picture of your boy scratching his scroat on the internet. That is some dedication and some love. Whoa.

    (actually the day is Wed)

  2. Zelda says:

    Oh good. one less day that your gift will be late in the mail! Huzzuah. i think he’s thinking of me with his hand in his shorts. the next pic is him showing me how big it is…pretty sure it’s not about a fish of anykind.

  3. Gertrude Jane Kennedy says:

    If it wasn’t for him some days…so well photographed.
    And he is about to really go ape shit on the Pops for doing it too. He is tired of the candids.
    Yogurt. I don’t know how it ranks on the WW scale but I have the blue kind in all different flavors for breakfast. Lemon is my favorite with Blackberry a close second.
    Always good. A few Nilla wafers just for some crunch.

  4. funandcute says:

    2 blueberry multigrain waffles = 4
    1 whole grain english muffin = 3
    1 slice of raisin bread =2 pts
    3 pieces readytoserve bacon = 2 pts
    banana = 2 pts
    1 breakfast bar = 3 pts

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