108 in 2008

In no particular order, I give you The List.

1. develop and stick to a budget
2. seek information and guidance about buying a house
3. go to some open houses
4. find the perfect place to live and buy it
5. move up to a level four at work
6. pay off or considerably down the two credit cards i have
7. purchase furniture
8. purchase a washer and dryer
9. go on a date
10. get kissed
11. spend more time with friends
12. go see chrome and kizz
13. find a class that allows me to write that trip off
14. go see dyonisis. Seriously.
15. go visit Skillet.
16. go to the lake this summer with the Cookster.
17. work out regularly.
18. wash my car weekly or bi weekly.
19. keep the interior clean and fresh
20. help work the frontier more this spring, before I move.
21. go to weekly w.w. meetings and always weigh in.
22. go see my fam in Arkansas more than twice a year.
23. vote. in every election this year.
24. go to the dentist regularly.
25. get night guard made to stop the grinding of the teeth
26. get my whoo haa checked.
27. grow out my hair.
28. work through emotional issues regarding ex-him.
29. work through or at least begin working on emotional issues regarding dad and new her.
30. try not to vomit when meeting new her.
31. watch the five Oscar nominated films
32 get caught up on past television series thru netflix
33. read more classics.
34. visit a comedy club.
35. go to at least two exhibits at the OKC Art Museum.
36. buy the gilmore girls series.
37. go to at least three new theatre productions in addition to more than one at carpenter square.
38. audition for more than just carpenter square theatre.
39. get cast in a show
40. organize receipts and get taxes to accountant.
41. find accountant.
42. put refund into savings for house.
43. go to some new places other than the Bin and Classics every weekend.
44. take a cooking class from Beau (good friend and chef at the Bin)
45. wear sunscreen
46. wear sunscreen especially during purple pool
47. take some time to visit the new nephew and babysit.
48. organize photos on computer
49. figure out the full extent of new camera and software for photos
50. try some new restaurants
51. visit st. lukes
52. set some weight goals for the next year.
53. lose 30 by July 4th. (first goal)
54. visit grandparents. soon.
55. find education classes in dallas/ft worth
56. visit Rog and Ma while there
57. figure out how to upload the music on my iPod onto the new computer.
58. upload cds onto itunes
59. utilize iPod more
60. get regular oil changes on car
61. rotate tires on car
62. host dinner party
63. host the help my new house look cool party
64. plant flowers at new house
65. get massage once a month. or once every two months. whatever i can afford.
66. mail Christmas cards. all of them.
67. mail birthday cards. before birthdays.
68. Be better about sending the stuff I buy to the actual people I buy it for.
69. get kissed again.
70. tweak sprint bill.
71. cut down on the drunk texting.
72. eat more vegetables.
73. make new recipes once a month
74. work on organization.
75. buy some new clothes ala Tim Gunn
76. Get rid of old shoes
77. organize remaining shoes.
78. get a facial
79 look into something to take lines out of forehead. Not botox but there has to be something we can stick in there?
80. Take nephew to water park during summer vacation
81. spend more time doing things with friends that doesn’t cost money.
82. make a list of those things to choose from.
83. watch more classic movies.
84. get piano tuned once it’s in the new house.
85. make steps towards taking lessons again.
86. write daily.
87. maybe begin writing a one woman show.
88. take yoga class weekly.
89. commit to four times a week at gym.
90. try a new form of exercise, even if it’s scary.
91. do the Redbud Classic.
92 do Race for the Cure.
93. be more organized about Team Wow/RFTC.
94. Recruit more members of Team Wow/RFTC.
95. Do another race of some sort. maybe more than one.
96. cheer on runners of the OKC memorial marathon with martha.
97. on annual trip to NYC, visit Cloisters.
98. on annual trip to NYC, catch a baseball game.
99. on annual trip to NYC, be able to shop at skinny stores.
100. on annual trip to NYC, see my Picasso at the Met.
101. Host Christmas party at new home.
102. go to wine tasting at the Bin.
103. take road trip with Gert.
104. go to a baseball game
105. invite more people to Fall Fest.
106. do NaBloPoMo. finish this year.
107. read more blogs.
108. continue my love for George Clooney

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4 Responses to 108 in 2008

  1. Kizz says:

    I love 30, 69 & 108 especially.

    Re: 87 Yes, yes, yes!

  2. ChromePlatedGirl says:

    So, we’ve all decided to read a couple of classics. maybe we should choose the same one and book club it?

    Was the more kissing on #69 intentional numbering? Or are you just subconciously dirty? Or am I?

  3. Zelda says:

    Oh it was intentional…trying to give the Universe an elbow to the ribs on that one. hint hint freakin HINT!. ok kizz, now I have to go see what those numbers are.

  4. Anonymous says:

    For organizing receipts (#40), definitely try out Shoeboxed and Shoeboxed Receipt Mail-In, where you can organize receipts without doing any work!

    Check it out at http://www.shoeboxed.com!

    Dan Englander

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