I can have my George and EAT HIM TOO…Gert says I can.

plus I cut off the majority of my cuticle of my right pinkie finger with the raw metal edge of the FuckingBroom at work last night.
for those counting that leaves one finger on the right hand that has not been mangled by shiny sharp shit. the ring finger is looking for a new home and will not be surprised if I wake tomorrow with six fingers on the left hand.

Had happy hour with Cookster last night. It has literally been EONS. Delish. We laughed, we almost cried, we plotted murder and mayhem and did a phone a friend for Bonnie Tyler total Eclipse of the Heart. I love it she hates it. nether the twain shall meet. 17 years of friendship in a nutshell.

Went to a new goonie goo goo chiro yesterday. He could see inside my bones. I swear. Pretty much put my jaw back into place and told me all the shit that was jacked up in my body. He touched a place in my neck and I saw black dots and almost passed out. No shit Lamar. yeah, am going back Monday morning. Pretty sure it’s a good thing. I’m all about some goonie goo goo fixing stuff.

MeShell gave me a run down on all the things I’m doing right. Budgeting. Planning.
Working on health. that does not suck as we march into the year that WILL BE OURS.

work today will be slow but I get so excited thinking about seeing faces that I live. no. love. this ty[ing sans pinkie finger sucks, ya’ll.
am going to get coffee

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2 Responses to I can have my George and EAT HIM TOO…Gert says I can.

  1. funandcute says:

    I sooo want to see you tonight.. if we don’t have PB&J then we can meet up !!!

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