Thursday Thoughts

In the aftermath that is post Christmas it’s time to get back to it. Now what? huh. For me, it’s back to work today hopefully getting some heads of hair that I did NOT cut in the last three weeks. I need to hit the grocery store which should be interesting because we here in the Sooner State are expecting some weather. For whatever reasons, even the slightest chance of weather makes folks flee to the grocery and clean the shelves. apparently we just stay inside and eat during the winter. Pretty much what i did yesterday, but with bare cupboards it was mostly pop tarts and easy mac. I need a vegetable.

So working today, I need to bring up some firewood to the house and vacuum the floors a bit. Working tomorrow (already Friday!!) with possible plans after work. Saturday after work am heading to pick up Chrome, or possible meeting her somewhere. My friend Rusty is here from Houston and it’s his last night to play as well so we’ll have a combo Hi-how-are-ya-happy-holidays party with them. BonusMom returns to the frontier on Sunday or Monday sometime.

Ok kids that does it for me. Need more coffee and to move the body into the shower. I hope your Thursday is good. Most of us are back at the workplace so I wish you a fast day. Huzzuah. I heart G.C.

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One Response to Thursday Thoughts

  1. Gertrude Jane Kennedy says:

    Can’t wait until Saturday.
    I am so looking forward to it.
    You, the Chrome one, the M one!
    Life is good.

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