So It Begins

We are changing the lyrics to O Tannenbaum….we’ve (Wonderboy, Sis and myself) are singing

Oh Stinky Breath Oh Stinky Breath you make me want to vomit. It’s time to brush
and floss a bit, so please be good, don’t throw a fit. Oh Stinky Breath Oh
Stinky Breath you make me want to vomit!


Wonderboy has a serious aversion to tooth brushing. Life really IS a musical,

This last week kicked my arse. Truly. But it was fun and I made it and here we are on vacation. Had a fun Friday, we did potluck at work and our secret santa exchange. I did about four million haircuts and my first client was SpencerforHire so the day started off right. Let me just officially welcome him to the Circus. I think he read thru at least a few posts and now has a serious fear of spoons. Sorry hon. It is what it is. Sometimes it’s a chance you take here!

Can I just say my drive here last night SUCKED. Sucked in batcave porportions. Truly. My car is still iced over. I saw three wrecks, smashed up pieces flying shit in the air wrecks from OKC to Tulsa. After I got my 3rd coffee at the Catoosa QT, I was finally able to drive the actual speed limit. Oy with the travel already. But I was in my head the whole way, thinking good thoughts rocking out to the equivilent of the KATT (????) seriously rocking out and before I knew it I was here. Wonderboy was very excited in his cammo pj’s and all was well. Since I brought all dirty clothes, am doing laundry right now and about to head over to Mom’s. Still have to wrap pressies and get stuff ready for our first celebration this afternoon/evening. BonusMom leaves tonight for her sisters’ in Iowa. Then we have tomorrow and a big ass gathering with Sis’s inlaws (downfaced fun-haters) all at Mom’s house. . . if you think that’s going to be a boring afternoon, then take another hit off the bong because oh-ma-gah the stories I shall tell!!!

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2 Responses to So It Begins

  1. S. Lenox says:

    I’m a part of the circus… finally I’m part of something bigger than myself. Thank you.

  2. Zelda says:

    Spence? is that you?

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