The social experiment is still underway. The only, ONLY reason is because I keep forgetting the deadline that it autorenews and flop. So. January 19th people. Mark something and remind me that Jan 19th is the day I shut it DOWN!! I’m doing some auto reminders too. Sometimes it does take a village.

I actually got everything on the list done for yesterday but for come home after work and wrap pressies. Decided to take a mental health break and have a beer with Bee and ScottyRingo and Co. at Chili’s. It was well worth it. I always have the best time of laughing till I practically wet myself and for those who know me know that is not an exaggeration!

This morning I’ve already cried. before you all call for the straightjacket, itw as the stories on teh news of returning soldiers surprising their families for the holiday. Such a great story, but damn gina it brings out the boo hos!!

I remembered what the thing I have to do tonight is. I ahve to hit the grocery store and buy foods for our potluck tomorrow. then get home and head to the barn and dig out my crock pot, which shouldn’t be difficult as the kitchen was packed by my most efficient friends and labeled by Joe very clearly. Am making chicken and noodles with an extra batch to take to Flatt and Smurf as they were still out of power last time I checked. boo hiss on ice storms. boo. hiss.

From the comments yesterday we are ALL busy busy busy. would love, though to be in the kitchen with Clemo tasting some of those goodies…where was this culinary skill when we lived together, eh Kizz??

Dionysas is acting and singing his cute tush right off this month. Take a breath babe. Good luck with the crush and all the butterflies and questions that go along with that…we’ll talke soon!!

Must leave you now. work. I onely ahve a few appointments today. People are too busy and have had some canellations but that’s ok. The tips have been great! Got a 30 dollar one last night…that doesn’t suck at all. Several girls have gotten 100 dollar tips this week. Huzzuah! You guys are almost finished with your week. Happy Thursday. Chin up, we’re almost thru it.
I still love George…and he still loves my…

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4 Responses to Deadline

  1. Gertrude Jane Kennedy says:

    Funny with George and the hands.
    You still have your sense of humor.
    Will mark it down to email me on the 19th. Cancel. Got it.
    Love your chick and noodles. i know they miss your cooking.
    Nice to work for tips around the holidays.
    I totally cried too at the bring um home thing. Just like Extreme Home MakeOver. Every damn time.
    Where is your boyfriend Matt?? He has been gone all week.
    Safe travels my dear.

  2. Kizz says:

    Doesn’t have to be the holidays for those soldiers coming home to surprise people stories to make me cry. I always cry. It doesn’t have to be a surprise even, if they come home breathing I cry!

    Hope you get tipped something SPECTACULAR today!

  3. Historiclemo says:

    How did you expect me to cook up goodies at Christmas when all hell was breaking loose? Besides, there was a Tim Horton’s just down the street……

    Mmmmm. Tim Horton’s………

  4. Zelda says:

    Tim Hortons…..mmmmmmm. great coffee. Ok, Clemo, you get a pass on that one. Had a good day today. Kept mentally checking in with myself on the elation I felt leaving work…there is no boy to give butterflies, I still had an enormous amount of work to do, huh. Just happy I guess. Fog Lifted.
    though I didn’t get a 100 dollar tip, I did MAKE 100plus in tips today. maybe that put the spring in my step! ha! that and potluck at work tomorrow.

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