Week in Review

wake up. (working on that one.)
Take Stormy Soprano to get stitches out.
Post Office/stamps/mail Christmas Cards
Buy flat iron for a friend
Deposit check into bank for flat iron
get to work by 10:45

this will not all be done by that time…
work till 8pm
come home to empty frontier (bonusmom off to Arkansas)
start the wrapping of gifts
finish Christmas card list
try to get some reading done on 3rd book
to bed.

wake up
get to work by 8:45
work till 7
finish preparations for trip to Arkansas on Saturday
there’s something else going on on Thursday night but cannot remember for the LIFE of me!!

Friday is work till 6
the evening will be filled one of two ways
at my step families Christmas get together for a little bit or dinner with a friend coming home from Houston. Either way it’s an early night.

Saturday is work till five.
Have the car loaded the cats fed and haul it to Arkansas after work.

Sunday is opening presents with bonusmom and having celebration with her. She leaves for Iowa on Monday.

Dad arrives Monday. We celebrate that evening with him

Tuesday is Christmas.
I come home that afternoon/early evening hopefully to meet Gert and co. for a cocktail or some face time. Chrome will be home too so hopefully face time with her during her visit. I’m off work on that Wednesday so can kind of relax before three days of work then

FOUR DAYS OFF WITH NO WHERE TO GO!!!! THAT is what I’m hanging on for!

What’s your schedule look like?

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4 Responses to Week in Review

  1. Gertrude Jane Kennedy says:

    Chrome will be home! Fabulous.
    Glad to see I have some time in that schedule. Miss you.
    Been nuckin futs, hasn’t it?
    Tuesday is Christmas. Well I will be muttering that like some crazy person all day. Really?
    Tuesday! Holy shit. $3000 dollars!

  2. Kizz says:

    I too am shooting for that 4 days of nothing to do. If I can just get there it’ll be OK.

    Today I work and find out about my bonus and raise and all. Tomorrow I took off to prep for departure. Fri drop dog off, drop keys off for dog walker and cat feeder (also money LOTS of money) get on Chinatown bus to Boston dinner with dad and in NH until 25th doing all manner of friend seeing and family dealing and cooking and drinking and present wrapping. Reverse the travel on the 26th. Work a part day on the 27th. Help Alex out with his dog through Sat, feed Eva’s cats through the 2nd, maybe hit a hockey game on the 30th and go see the steam pipes on NYEve. But mostly sitting upon my sit upon and trying to feel normal again.

  3. Historiclemo says:

    Spending Christmas Eve preparing the holiday feast, although I’ve been baking goodies on and off for the past couple of weeks. Working Christmas Day (and you wouldn’t believe how many people are actually travelling on that day) as well as the day after.

    I remember when holidays….were.

  4. Dionysas says:

    I’m missing you terribly. Today I had rehearsal from 10am- 12pm, a show from 1-3:15pm, rehearsal from 4-5:15ish and a show from 8-10pm. On top of all of this, I have a mad crush on this boy who is the lead in our show. We kid around all the time. It seems like he is flirting with me, but it may just be that he is such a nice guy. He is gay and single and just too damn cute, nice, funny and charming (I emphasize CHARMING). UGH! Of course, he probably isn’t even interested and it is all in my head. HELP!!!

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