Dug Dug Dug Dada Dug Dug…Ice Ice Baby…

ICE STORM 2007!!!!!!!!!!

Halakaleem!!!!! We have had no Internet. We have had no DirectTv. BUT up until about 6pm last night WE HAD POWER!!!! We were one of the lucky ones. Over two hundred gazillion are and or were without power since Sunday night. Ice storms suck. they are so beautiful though. We had ourselves a Frontier girl adventure. I went out and scoured all my boxes for new things to do. Movies, books, cd’s to load onto the itunes. Sat thru St. Elmo’s Fire. Ah boogida boogida boogida ah ah ahhhhhh! Made a big batch of chili. Sat thru The Way We Were…sniff sniff “your girl is lovely Hubble…” sniff. The only straight man to ever pull off wearing a white turtle neck sweater. Ever. Loaded many a cd onto the itunes in hopes of being caught up on that eventually…

Left the house around 4 or so to hit the local Wal Mart and get some cat food, batteries, coffee and some surplus extras. Just as I was standing in the only two checkout lines that were open, the power goes out. Wa Wa Waaaaaaa. The power goes out yet the cash registers and credit card machines were working! We all pulled out our cell phones and flash lights and checked out by mobile lights and I headed right to the liquor store for wine. Just as we got all the provisions put up, we lost power. boo. hiss. spit. We lit all the candles in the house all the while admonishing the cats to not walk across any of them, and got the fire roaring and opened the big bottle of wine. BonusMom figured out the generator and we made a plan. Sit for an hour while it charges, read by travel book light, drink wine then we fire up the machine, turn on the blowers to the fireplace and get really warm, watch the news for a bit then hit the hay. We did exactly that.

I awoke to the sound of branches cracking and breaking due to ice and the sound of thunder and pouring rain. Went into work about an hour late and worked pretty solid all day long…which was good considering I’m not dealing really well with these impending holidays.

I’m sad, folks. point blank. just sad. It’s harder than I expected…being alone for the first round of “special moments” LONELY. to the bone. It creeps up unexpectedly. Clearly I am not alone. I have an amazing support group of friends…who only need a phone call. I know. . . still sad.

Just ready for it all to be over. Bring on 2008, I say. bring it on. If I can withstand the bitch that was 07…I’m ready for whatever is ahead…
how bout you?

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4 Responses to Dug Dug Dug Dada Dug Dug…Ice Ice Baby…

  1. Kizz says:

    I felt grinchy when I thought this this morning but I don’t think it is, totally. As of today, in 2 weeks it’ll all be over. We’ll have feasted and presented and sung and cried and we can just look forward to drinking and welcoming 2008. We can do anything for 2 weeks, can’t we?

  2. Zelda says:

    you’re right. you’re right. I know you’re right. I can do anything for two weeks….that’s the kind of perspective I needed!! thanks babe.

  3. funandcute says:

    I am on vacation starting 12/24-1/1 and sans kiddo for a few of those days.. call me.. we’ll do shots of beer!!!

  4. Gertrude Jane Kennedy says:

    I love you.

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