Cross Them For Me Today Too

Have another meeting at work today. Work Blog has details.

My sis and her fam are here. Wonderboy is awake and already making me laugh this morning, one of the cats cannot seem to pry herself off of my lap so i’m typing with limited movement as she’s laying across my arms. We’re supposed to get a “winter storm” coming through this weekend to which I say Bring It ON!! Our company Christmas party is Sunday night. Harumph.

What else? My jaw is still locked up. I have too much stress in my body. I need a RELEASE!!! Somewhere in Lake Como is where I probably need to be.

In the Good News Department, Gertie is EMPLOYED!!!!! I haven’t checked her blog to see if she’s announced it, so if I just stole her thunder, many many apologies. But its a great job!! And she will be brilliant at it! Go on over and give her a high five. Gertie my girl, I can speak for us all and say we’re SO HAPPY FOR YOU! (cue Working Girl Theme)

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2 Responses to Cross Them For Me Today Too

  1. Kizz says:

    No, not a lake. I think perhaps in some sort of massage establishment, the happy ending variety.

  2. Gertrude Jane Kennedy says:

    Working girl. God I love that movie.
    Tess McGill. Get your bony ass!

    This feels good. Its feel really good.
    Thank you.

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