Another day…another day.

So, my jaw.
Yeah Yeah Yeah. whatever. It’s either Kizz and her frankenhead, or me and my jaw. We have some ailments. Sue us. anyway, the jaw seems to be a little better today. Started hurting tonight so stuck the thingymajigger in my mouth(dirty!) and took a muscle relaxer. or two.

Turns out you can’t drink with this thing in your mouth.
Not really.

The day was uneventful. A few things to post on the other blog but will save for tomorrow.

BonusMom bought a Christmas tree tonight. We put it up an she’s strung the lights while I wrote out Christmas cards. Watched a rerun of greys. Just feel generally blagh. Ennui? Possibly a severe case. Too much stress. the jaw. the job. trying to figure out the buying of a house. I feel whelmed. Over and Under by it all.

And Christmas is in a mere few weeks. I need to go out to the barn and go thru the decorations and give ExHim his share. I know I won’t want that hanging over my head for next season, but the thought of going out there, digging thru my decorations that I so love to put around the house, making it warm and inviting…this year my heart is not in it. Not even in the same zip code. I am sad about that. but too sad to do anything about it. make sense? It pisses me off because I actually do enjoy this time of year. I really really do. this year though….I just want to duck my head, and wake up when I have four days off at Christmas and again at new years. I don’t really have a ba Humbug attitude. More of a ignore it and it’ll be over soon attitude. Just not really getting into it this year and i guess, that’s ok. right? Right.

Let’s get this year over with. Moving onwards and upwards. The new year will bring joy and happiness. I feel it. Hopefully it’s not just gas.

I have pictures to show you of my poor poor Stormy Soprano. Will try to post them tomorrow. Meanwhile, send good thoughts to Gert for her interviews and to Kizz for her healing process and to Mrs. Chili who is probably finishing up one helluva night at the Olive Garden. I hope all is well with you tonight.

I love you. I love my thingymajigger. I love my sad sad cat. I love George Clooney.

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2 Responses to Another day…another day.

  1. funandcute says:

    I tried and tried to get the picture I sent you via email to show up here.. Damn! It was perfect!

    Sigh— Someday Zelda, the holiday “traditions”, the welcoming home with heartfelt decorations, presents under the tree without financial worries, a fire in the fireplace with snow on the ground, and a good glass of wine with homemade candies. We will have it! With mistletoe and a reason for it,all tied up in a pretty little package (or hopefully BIG package)ha ha! So cliche’ — but I want it and so someday.. It will happen!!

    I can feel it will be near. Maybe not this year, but soon! I know it is possible for us both!

  2. Kizz says:

    I want the BIG package!

    It’s OK not to be completely gung ho on the holidays for one year. You’re still bringing yourself some holiday cheer and you’ll have fun when you’re nutty nephew is opening his presents so it’s all good.

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