Let’s Review, Shall We?

At the beginning of the year, I like so many of us, made a list. Things to do in double oh seven. Can you believe, any of you, that Double Oh Seven has a mere 28 left?? Me neither. So in prepping for the new year, in really being ready for a new one let’s look back at our lists and see how we did.

1. Buy a house
2. Get health insurance
3. Start savings/retirement account
4. Talk with D, my financial planning friend, about the above and how to do it.
5. Focus on my health.
6. Get my whoohaa checked.
7. Continue weekly massage.
8. Succeed at moving up to a level 3 at work.
9. Continue growing my clientele.
10. Get to the gym, and make it an everyday part of my life…As is breathing, or showering.
11. Save money for a trip.
12. Pay off school loan.
13. Turn that payment into a car payment for a new car in November.
14. Learn about mortgages, and escrow, and interest rates.
15. Get really honest with myself about life, and what I really want out of it.
16. Figure out how to get there once I’ve done that.
17. Drink less alcohol.
18. Drink more water.
19. Remember to try to be a blessing to whomever I meet each day.
20. Audition and get cast in a show.

Ok…Not so bad. I have not bought a house. But I feel like next year, the first half of next year will see something happen in that direction.
No insurance either. This is starting out sadly.
I did open not one but two savings type accounts. Not retirement so much but a start. Am still going to visit with friends who know about planning better for this.

So, 1,2,4 are rollovers.
We’ll say that 5 is a yes, because I’ve stuck to the WW all year long with a nice loss.
6 is a no. Actually called Planned Parenthood last week to see about getting it done, no insurance you know, and she said 150.oo. HUH?? Still needing to call. Hard to find time as I’ve taken to bleeding not once but twice a month lo these last three months.
7 is a no because my lady had surgery and was a little kooky.
8 and 9–FINALLY!! A yes! I did move up in September.
10 is a no. Lost the gym membership in the divorce and haven’t found another. Really feeling like doing it though…the motivation is creeping back.
11,12,13 is a yes. I went to NYC in September for color classes and lots of gal pal fun. The car and the loan were a combo and with a little help from my dad we got those done and a new car, Bella, in the garage.
14, am in the process so we’ll go with a yes on that.
15 and 16 yes. The breakup was hard. I’ve tried to keep my head held high and keep focused on what I really want out of my life. Figuring out how to get there baby steps at a time.
17???? who the hell put that on the list? Especially after 15 and 16?? I must have been drunk.
18. ok. fine. I do that too.
19…that thought is mostly in my head every single day. Hopefully I’ve tried to do that.
20. yes. Though they weren’t “real” shows in my opinion, it was fun, it was exhausting, it made me want more.

So, it looks like I wasn’t a total slacker this year. That feels great actually. So much change. crazy crazy change. But I have hope for ’08. What was the line in Romancing the Stone? “I”m a hopeful romantic…not hopeless” That is the way I feel about the next 12 months.

Huzzuah and have a great Monday everybody. I’m off to put money in the bank, try to corral a cat for a doc visit, go renew my cosmetology licence, buy a flat iron for a friend and bleagh. Tonight BonusMom and I are buying the tree and putting it up. Maybe dinner with my cousin who’s at college in the city. I need to figure out what to do about my g.d.jaw…probably quit saying g.d. jaw for one…it’s still stuck. it still hurts. Flop.
It’s a busy one. I hope yours is good and pain free.
I love George Clooney.

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3 Responses to Let’s Review, Shall We?

  1. Kizz says:

    After all the hell of this last month and you’re still hopeful? I really need to take a page from your upbeat book, sister.

    You are a blessing to me every day whether you’re trying or not.

    I LOVE that picture of George.

  2. Zelda says:

    thanks babe. I appreciate that. I just refuse to let something like that beat me…give it my power. It already took enough. this whole freaking year did..bleagh.

    I know George is scowling at the paparazzi, but I don’t care. Delish!

  3. Gertrude Jane Kennedy says:

    There is somewhere a longer list of all the things you have done outside of this boxed list.
    Like leaving Phyllis and cleaning out the cobwebs.
    And being there for me. God knows that is a full time job that is likely to kill anyone these days.
    I am such a needy bitch.
    I say “mount up” this year is going to be a beauty.
    We’ll force it to be.

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