Jaws: The Reality Show

went to the dentist today. I have a disc in my jaw that is dislocated. The ligiments have wither torn, or loosened up enough to let this happen. The loosening of the ligaments stem from extreme grinding, chronic grinding if you will, as a result of undue stress.

I got a thingymajigger to wear at night that will alleviate the stress on the jaw, hopefully enough, combined with ibuprofin and muscle relaxers, to get the thing back in position. Who knows how much this will cost. I do have dental insurance so we’ll see. At the point that i can actually open my mouth, I go back for a fitting of a night guard thing. Huh.

I’m not nearly as bad off as Stormy Soprano. He’s shaved in two big places with three spots where they did stitches. Agh. He has to wear the collar thing too. He’s not amused. at all. I’ll post pics soon. Sad sad Stormy Soprano.

My jaw and I are going to do more heat therapy and curl up into the bed. I’ve tried working on Christmas cards tonight, but realized that all myaddress stuff is out in the barn in some box. Flop. Sent out a mass email requesting information. If You got that email, please accept my apologies but damn. I have an entire life out in that barn and nefver seem to have a clue these days. bear with me. It will get well soon.

Night all! Tomorrow is work. Bleagh. If you haven’t seen the work blog, email me and I’ll send you the link. Ciao for now.

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3 Responses to Jaws: The Reality Show

  1. Gertrude Jane Kennedy says:

    Mom has TMJ.
    She said that is what was wrong with you when I told her about the jaw problems before I saw your post.
    “Scorpio’s get TMJ.”
    Anyway, she says its painful as all hell.
    And that sometimes just eating the right size Tootsie Roll can set it off.
    None of this helps you I know.
    But if you need anything text Mother she said.

  2. Kizz says:

    Wow, that all makes sense. Will you share this with Ulserad, please?

    Night guard. You are one sexy mama jamma! I fear you will knock me out of my Miss (Frankenstein) Universe position. 🙂

  3. Zelda says:

    I told Ulserad this in an email. Sucks. Truly. I’m just hopeing the muscle relaxers and the bite guard thingy will relax it enough to pop back into place and we can proceed. this fucking sucks. eating is no fun anymore. could be a good thing i suppose…

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