Well guys, I flopped on the NaBloPoMo this year. But not because I suck. Because my computer does…sigh. It is in the hospital due for release hopefully today or tomorrow. Posting on BonusMom’s today but she’s leaving town for the week and I’ll be here by my lonesome without a connection to you all. Sigh.

The weekend was fabulous…work was better. We have a big pow wow tomorrow night which should merit many drinks at the new watering hole. But hopefully it will be fine. We celebrated birthdays on Saturday night, hitting several spots in town, everyone dressed up and shiny. So much fun. I finally got back to the frontier last night around 6 or so…hit the art museum for brunch and culture with Martha and friends…the Chihuly stuff was gorgeous. Apparently we, in OKC, are the holders of the largest collection. Way cool. Would love to post pics but gotta get off the machine and get started with my list of things to do today including laundry, eye doctor, wax supplies for work, special color for a friend, bringing in firewood before the cold gets here on wednesday and hopefully getting my computer back.

Until then, don’t fret. I miss you too and will be back soon.

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3 Responses to Flop

  1. Kizz says:

    Technology, such a fabulous time saving invention, eh?

    Good luck with the thing tonight!

  2. Historiclemo says:

    Having a bad day, Spunky?

    Need a helping sword?


  3. funandcute says:

    where’s the new watering hole? I’m always down for a new hole! *wink*

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