Apocalypse HOW??

So. Things went from bad to worse. My computer is funky. It will randomly connect to the internet. I have to turn it in tomorrow, and pick it up Saturday around five pm. Posting will be difficult. I may fail my first NaBloPoMo. because it’s late, this will actually count for friday’s post….cheating? Whatever.

Work….Things are too tricky to write about. I will do it later. Just light a candle and skin a live chicken in my hope for the rest of this and first of next week. Say La Vee. COMMUNICATION IS KEY. When I am Queen of Everything, that will be my platform. And abolishing all Leadership By Intimidation.

I have to say though, the last two clients I had tonight made my freakin day.

It’s nice to have friends.

Let us also rejoice not only in my failure at being a leader but in the accomplishments of Joe. Whattaguy he is. Huzzuah for you my dear friend.

If only I can take a page out of his book, and out of Gerts. . . and as a matter of fact out of all of your books…and land on my size ten but beautifully manicured feet.

To bed I am. Lest there be another two wreck day on I-40 and I arrive at 8:52 instead of 8:45 for my 11:00 appointment and get secretly written up.

I love George Clooney. From the bottom of my heart.we’re going to bed. and I hate Fabio.

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5 Responses to Apocalypse HOW??

  1. Kizz says:

    You’re fucking kidding me. Written up? Son of a bitch.

    You ARE a leader and a good one. I hope this all clears up.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s me.. It’s me!! I learned how to post a comment! =) So proud of myself.. so love my hair, so tired today. UGH! Wish it was kid-free weekend. Love ya.

  3. funandcute says:

    okay.. so I didn’t want that to be an “anonymous” post.. Hmm.. what do I want my name to be? Funandcute…

  4. Gertrude Jane Kennedy says:

    I wish I had some words of wisdom.
    I hate that this is turning ugly.
    And I know all you want to do is go to work, laugh, bang hair and go home.
    It’s your month sister.
    Scorpions prevail.
    It sounds like a high school pep song I know. But its kind of funny if you sit and think about it.

    I am saving all my good and witty material for tomorrow night.
    Get ready, I am going to be hysterical!

    I love you.

  5. sheba says:

    I love you, and Im glad we dont have to move yet! Too bad about the computer…


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