It’s been an interesting week of developments regarding the social experiment. I had a coffee date with one participant on Monday. I don’t really know what I was expecting. It neither overwhelmed me or underwhelmed me. I was just whelmed. We went to Denny’s and had crappy coffee. He was super nervous. Really chatty. This was fine with me, I was nervous too. I can talk to anybody. But this is the first time to meet someone like this. My first impression of him, physically was rumpled. My next impression was Eeyore. He was very apologetic. He needs a cheerleader, a pep squad. And that is fine, we all do, but I’m pretty sure I’m not going to apply for the position. He called last night and we chatted for a bit, but again, it was me: Rah Rah Ra and he: Wa Wa Waaaaa.

Meanwhile back on another site I have had pre-?’s and conversations with a few that are interesting. One guy and I have gotten to the email each other point. He was very complimentary in the first email, but never gave me nearly the information he was asking for. Here is just an excerpt:

Tell me about it, not good. Tell me why you are single? What kind of foods you like? What do you like to do for fun?

I take it you like football.

How many kids do you have.

Did you see my pics or do you need one. I can send if you have an email address

Ok. For one, I”m not giving my personal email address to any of you people. (Not YOU people, but THOSE people) For another, why am I single? WHY? Am? I? Single?

At this point I just kept talking to him to see what he’d say.

I love football as well. I love all kinds of food even spicy. I have 2 kids one in college and one is a junior. I love to travel, movies, go to the lake, just about anything. I am originally from Kansas but I have lived in okc for 20 years. I am divorced, because I caught my wife cheating on me. That was just the last straw it was both of our faults.

So when do you want to meet.

Pretty sure I don’t.
Want to meet.
like this.

I have until November 21st paid on these sites then I’m shutting her down. This sucks. It just isn’t what I thought it would be. Too tedious, too much time on the damned machine. Time that I could be actually OUT there meeting some new people.

What are your thoughts on this…maybe I’m playing the game incorrectly. Should I throw in the towel or give it another month? I’m pretty sure I’ve made my decision but if you guys have anything inspirational to send me, go ahead.

I have literally eaten my way through the birthday weekend. And drank my way through it too. I’m going to take my w.w. time today and make a deposit in the bank and maybe try to get some new contacts. The one’s I’ve got in my eyeballs have been there since the Great Breakup of August 07. . . getting a little scratchy.

Work should be good today. Bee and ScottyRingo are coming in. It makes work so much more fun when your best good friends are there with you!

Next week I’ll have the Frontier to myself. BonusMom is heading to Nebraska/Arkansas for the holiday. I’m camping out here. Mom and BonusDad are coming in for his family celebration…which I guess I’ll have to go to for about a minute. . . then I’m coming to find YOU, Gert. No can do the all family no friend Turkey Day. Boo. Hiss. Spit. What are you guys doing for the holiday? I have a post about that day, but it’s for later.

Ok kids, I think I’m outta here. It’s cold today. Yesterday i wore flip flops to work!! not so much today. I’m off to read some NaBloPoMo blogs and make some comments. COMMENTS! I love comments!!! (that’s a big fat hint to those of you reading and not talking back to me!)

Love love love. Love you. Love George.

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4 Responses to Whelmed.

  1. Kizz says:

    I love that the picture of George today reflects how you feel about the social experiment. I don’t have any experience with that so I can’t tell you if that’s normal or if it’ll get better. I’ll offer you a direct e-mail to Ulserad, though, if you want to talk to someone who’s been doing that sort of thing for a while and continues to like it.

    I’m so sorry we won’t be hanging out for Thanksgiving but really glad you’ve got Gert to hang with.

  2. Gertrude Jane Kennedy says:

    As usual we will drink.
    You know you are welcome and thank God for you.
    You know I don’t like he family things so it will make it so much cooler to have you there this year.
    If you have something you want to make… please.
    Wish I could eat your turkey!
    I don’t even like turkey but I liked yours.
    We will chat.
    The online dating wore me out too. And it just seemed like they were all left overs, stale and depressed and under sexed.

  3. Zelda says:

    Ok. I’m out of the dating game, online anyway. K, I think I’d like to talk to Ulserad though, and get some info on how that experience is so good. Probably the pickings as opposed to here. Stale and leftover. So right on the money. Gert, we will talk. I’m all in. Mom and Burl aren’t coming until thanksgiving morning and that dinner isn’t until the evening. We’ll work it out. then hit the bar.

  4. Sheba says:

    The only experience I have with the online experiment is a friend of mine met a girl on there. She seemed nice and really cute…then she turned out to be a psycho biotch! I think you are better in the world. You are a real catch!!!!

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