On your mark, Get set, BLOG!!

Let NaBloPoMo begin!!!!

Today is a jam packed day, and not just for me. My friend and pseudo sister is giving birth to Hudson Dean sometime today! The world needs more Scorpio men, to love and be loved by our daughters and granddaughters and neices. His little brother has been, for some time, calling him Mater Towtruck. From the movie Cars. So, in honor of Jack Ryder, Welcome to the world Baby Mater!!

I have a little bit of work today then off to dress rehearsal. The chimney fixer guy comes to the house today prepping the fireplace for the winter. I don’t have to be here, so when I get home tonight all should be well.

I’m off to read your blogs and to comment! Huzzuah and Happy November! (my power month! all good things for the next four weeks! All good things)

Pretty sure it’s G.C.’s power month too…even though his birthday isn’t next weekend.

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  1. Kizz says:

    Happy NaBloPoMo! I’m so glad you’re on the bandwagon, I really think this is going to be fun! I agree, though, I’m waiting for the weekend to slow down a mite so I can freaking get some reading done already, I want to see who else is writing.

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